Compatibility Update 08/31/22 - Walk to Lot Fix - Translations Welcome!

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Uploaded: 3rd Aug 2008 at 5:13 AM
Updated: 1st Sep 2022 at 4:19 AM - Compatibility with CJH CommTime
Updated on 8/31/22
Added a separate update for compatibility with Chris Hatch's Community Time Mod. If you have this, please download "" and make sure it loads after Chris Hatch's mod. The only thing modified was the string that asks "Who Needs a Ride" the other added strings are Chris Hatch's. If you don't have this mod, you don't need this file. Feel free to download If you do have Chris Hatch's mod, please remove my mod and add the compatibility file. Make sure to have my compatibility mod load AFTER CJH_Commtime.

Updated on 7/1/22 now contains translations for all the requested languages in one package file. If you already downloaded the main or translated version, simply replace this file with the one for your game by removing the older version and placing the new one where you downloaded the older version. If you already have the language you need, you do not need to re-download this file.

The languages included are:

English/UK English
Polish - Special thanks to CatofEvilGenius!
Dutch - Special thanks to Leenetje!
Swedish - Special thanks to Capricce!
Danish - Special thanks to JuniorVinDahl!
Italian/French - Special thanks to Fafy!
Spanish - Special thanks to Soulfulwriter/Luisete!
Portuguese BR and PT - Special thanks to BrazilanGirl!
Finnish - Special thanks to KEISARIPOIKA!
Russian - Special thanks to HYDRO1ST!

What does this do?

This mod fixes the "Who needs a ride" dialog box when sims are walking to a community lot with their group/date. This will also change the dialog box when sims drive in their vehicle. So I came to a happy median and decided to change it to "Who's coming along?" which is much more logical. Because who, of all people would need a ride offered to them if they are walking?

Translations are greatly welcomed and will be updated ASAP if any come through. I have only changed the English and UK English. I do speak French and Spanish, but not that well.

You will either need to have:
Bon Voyage
Apartment Life

If you have Nightlife, and any proceeding expansion packs up to Seasons only, this fix may not work for you, and won't be needed. Although I did find the Nightlife one in the Objects.package file (in the BV folder), but I wouldn't see why anyone would want it fixed, because it would be obsolete for those with Bon Voyage, FreeTime, and/or Apartment Life.

Additional Credits:
I would like to thank MenaceMan44 for telling in which file to look. But searching for the dialog was a pain! However, I got through it, thankfully. And now it's been fixed for those with Bon Voyage and onward. (BV/FT/AL) And I am spent!

CatofEvilGenius, Leenetje, stEEp, Caprice, JuniorVinDahl, Fafy, Soulfulwriter, Luisete, BrazilianGirl, KEISARIPOIKA, and HYDRO1ST once again for their translations.

The creators/devs. of SimPE, otherwise people couldn't fix EAxis' mistakes.

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