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Maxis-Matching Walls: UNTRIMMED

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Uploaded: 5th Oct 2010 at 10:39 AM
Updated: 29th Sep 2020 at 4:08 PM - Added moar pictures!
Many of the Maxian wall sets include a plain wall, a wall with crown molding, a wall with base and crown molding, a wall with base, crown and chair rail, a wall with wainscoting, etc…. *geesh* – that’s a lotta walls! However, some of these sets had left out the plain version; and that’s the kind of wall I tend to use the most. So, I have culled the build catalog and made appropriate matching walls to fill these gaps. Please check my profile to see the other uploads in this huge Wall Project I'm undertaking.

The above image shows a few of the wallpapers I untrimmed
L-R: Seasons - Continental Divide, Subtle Sunflowers, and Well Spaced Trees, FT - Pooltable Felt

You do not need any specific game configuration to use these – they are all Base Game compatible. However, if you don’t have the EP that the rest of the set is in, then you will NOT have the full set. Savvy? The walls (41 of 'em!) all come from these 5 EPs: Seasons, Free Time, K&B, Apartment Life, and Lifestyle Stories. Each wall is clearly marked with the EP it came from, so you can easily pick and choose what you want.
The above picture shows a sampling of the Apt Life Fancy Stripes. There are 8 walls total; only 5 are pictured above. The rest are shown with the other pictures at the bottom. This is an example of Smitty's walls (also from Apt Life.) There are 4 colors in this set; only the Blue and Tan are shown above, others are below. The outer trimmed walls are by EAxis. The inner plain walls are my contribution. NOTE: These don't tile very well - but, that's the way EAxis made them 8-P

My next upload will have hiders and wall-overlays, for the IMHO other redundant walls in each set. So, in the Smitty example above, the outer trimmed Maxis walls will be hidden. I have made overlays of the wainscoting and chair rails (in actual matching woods - EAxis, what were you thinking?!?) and you'll be able to put any style trimming you want with this wall.

Please check my profile for moar of this Great Wall Project:
- Wallpaper Overlays - the Outside Edition - all the OUTside type wall trims... Tudor Tile anyone?
- Wallpaper Overlays - the Inside Edition - all the INside type wall trims... featuring wainscotting, panels, molding, etc.
- Wallpaper Overlays - the Border Edition - all the EAxis borders without their wall baggage!
- Maxis-Matching Walls: UNTRIMMED - custom plain walls for the few EAxis sets that did not have just "plain".
- Maxis wallpaper as wallpaper, not paint! And other Maxian wall - OMGs fixed! - minor catelog sanity, with major affect (especially when used with all my other Hider files!)

Additional Credits:
All credit goes to EA/Maxis - these are original game files. All I did was remove the trimmings. Tools I used were Home Crafter, SimPE and Photoshop - so, thanks to the creators of those programs :-D