5 Paradise Murals and a Swampy Pond ~ Six 3-Tile Murals. All are Mac friendly.

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Uploaded: 31st May 2021 at 5:49 PM
Updated: 31st May 2021 at 8:27 PM
I've been making a LOT of wallpapers lately *sigh* ...and I came across one that just wouldn't tile! It's a whimsical "Swampy" print, that I just had to have in my game (after all, I live in a swamp!) So, I made it into a 3-tile mural.

Then I got to thinkin' - one single wallpaper design really isn't much of an upload. I should add moar!
And so, I opened my "To Make Murals" folder (that I haven't touched in many years) and got inspired to finally make murals. Like I said, the images in my To Make Murals folder have been in there a long time - like maybe 10 years? They are all free images taken from the web - but I have no idea where I got them? Or who took them? All I know is I got them planning to make murals of them, and to that end, I know they were available for free use. If you are the owner of one of these images, and wish me to remove the image, please contact me

Without further ado, I hope your Simmies will enjoy a few of these murals.
All six murals are 3-Tile, non-squishy, clearly named, numbered, and Mac friendly.

The swampy wallpaper mural is found in with wallpapers for $4.
Pond Pattern wallpaper from Milton & King.
About the design:
"Pond Pattern Wallpaper is a fun wallpaper illustrated by Jacqueline Colley. It is a celebration of nature and waterways featuring some wild characters like alligators, swans, flamingos and butterflies. This dark green animal wallpaper would be perfect for a kids bedroom. Bring your interior to life with this organic and dynamic design."

The other five photographic murals are found in the Misc/Other category for $12.

Durdle Door, England

Isle of Harris, Scotland

All the above pictures were taken in game. The other 2 murals and closer, more detailed pictures are also included - see them by scrolling through the attached pictures. Enjoy!

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