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All the Harry Potter careers you could ever need - 12 adult, 6 teen

by Julieryc Posted 22nd Oct 2010 at 2:20 PM
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I originally created 3 Harry Potter careers and uploaded them here a while back. Then I decided that I’d make a couple more.

Well, it turns out I just don’t know when to stop. I’ve got a total of 9 new adult careers and 6 new teen careers, along with newly revised and improved versions of the original 3 careers. All have complete chance cards for all levels, a unique GUID, and are EP compatible.

I have hidden the levels, hours, descriptions, salary, etc. behind spoiler tags. All career salaries are balanced with respect to one another.

First, the brand-new teen careers:

Dark Arts (teen)
Icon: Dementor
Focused skills: Body, Creativity, Charisma
Levels: Muggle Prankster, Object Hexer, Inquisitorial Squad Member
Links to adult career: Dark Arts

Dumbledore’s Army (teen)
Icon: DA symbol
Focused skills: Charisma, Creativity, Body
Levels: Muttering Malcontent, Dumbledore’s Army Member, Leader of Dumbledore’s Army
Links to adult career: Order of the Phoenix

Prefect (teen)
Icon: Quill
Focused skills: Charisma, Logic, Cleaning, Creativity
Levels: Tutor, Prefect, Head Boy/Girl
Links to adult career: Ministry of Magic 1 (the one ending in Minister of Magic)

Quidditch (teen)
Icon: Broom
Focused skills: Body, Charisma, Creativity
Levels: Quidditch Commentator, Quidditch Player, Quidditch Team Captain
Links to adult career: Quidditch

Slug Club (teen)
Icon: Unicorn
Focused skills: Charisma, Creativity, Logic, Body
Levels: Super-Involved Student, Slug Club Member, Slughorn’s Favorite Student
Links to adult career: Wizarding Career 1 (track ending in Magical Me!)
Notes: I made the icon a unicorn because Slughorn collects unique students...students who are unique, like unicorns. Also, I liked the icon.

Wizarding Entrepreneur (teen)
Icon: Golden Snitch
Focused skills: Creativity, Charisma, Body
Levels: Product Tester, Prankster, Mail-Order Entrepreneur
Links to adult career: Diagon Alley
Notes: Think Fred and George.

The all-new adult careers:

Dark Arts
Icon: Dementor
Focused skills: Body, Charisma, Creativity, Logic
Reward: Resurrect-o-nomitron.
Levels: Petty Criminal, Snatcher, Hippogriff Executioner, Ministry Infiltrator, Muggle-born Registration Commission, Hogwarts High Inquisitor, Death Eater, Cruciatus Curse Specialist, Most Favored Death Eater, Dark Lord/Queen.
Top salary: 4050
Notes: Being a petty criminal pays least-well of all level 1 adult jobs, while being Dark Lord is the highest-paying level 10 track.

Icon: Platform 9 ¾ sign
Focused skills: Creativity, Logic, Mechanical, Cleaning
Reward: Teleprompter
Levels: Caretaker, Keeper of the Keys and Grounds, Librarian, School Nurse, Flying Instructor, Substitute Professor, Professor, Head of House, Deputy Headmaster/Headmistress, Headmaster/Headmistress.
Top Salary: 3214
Notes: I understand that, in the British editions, Poppy Pomfrey is the “school matron” instead of “school nurse,” but I have no idea how “matron” would translate for the male title.

Magical Beings
Icon: House-elf
Focused skills: Creativity, Charisma, Logic, Body
Reward: Fingerprint Gun
Levels: Centaur Liaison, House-Elf Relocator, Reformer of Hags, Squib Support Services, Giant Ambassador, Vampire Hunter, Goblin Liaison, Mermish Translator, Werewolf Office, Head of Project HOPE.
Top Salary: 2810
Notes: The last level is based on a concept that exists in my post-DH fanfic; essentially, it’s a Ministry office for promoting equal rights (the High Office for the Promotion of Equality of All Magical Beings, hence the acronym.) In my neighborhood, sim-Hermione gets this job.

Ministry of Magic 2
Icon: Owl with letter
Focused skills: Creativity, Logic, Mechanical, Cleaning
Reward: Putting Green
Levels: Magical Maintenance, Accidental Magic Reversal Squad, Ludicrous Patents Office, Official Gobstones Club, Muggle Liaison Office, Department of Magical Transportation, Committee for Experimental Charms, Improper Use of Magic Office, Wizarding Examinations Authority, Hogwarts Board of Governors.
Top Salary: 2286

Order of the Phoenix
Icon: Phoenix Crest
Focused skills: Creativity, Body, Logic, Charisma
Reward: Camera
Levels: Silent Supporter, Editorial Writer, Order Member, Ministry Spy, Defensive Magic Specialist, Order Researcher, Emissary, Spy, Senior Member, Head of the Order
Top Salary: 1404
Notes: The Order is the least-financially-rewarding of all careers. What, did you think you signed up to fight evil for the money?

Icon: Broom
Focused skills: Body, Charisma, Mechanical, Creativity
Reward: Punching Bag
Levels: Broom Boy/Girl, Team Mediwizard, Reserve Squad Member, Beater, Chaser, Keeper, Seeker, Quidditch Superstar, Coach, Quidditch Team Owner
Top Salary: 3413
Notes: Quidditch pays the highest overall average salary through all the tracks; basically, professional athletes make the same obscenely high salaries they make in real life.

Wizarding Career 2
Icon: Phoenix
Focused skills: Charisma, Creativity, Logic, Mechanical
Reward: Camera
Levels: Security Troll Trainer, Seer, Astronomer, Dueling Champion, Arithmancer, Runic Translator, Wizarding Historian, Wrocker, WADA Professor, Magical Activist
Top Salary: 2024

Wizarding Career 3
Icon: Stag
Focused skills: Mechanical, Cleaning, Body, Logic, Charisma
Reward: Hydroponic Garden
Levels: Knight Bus Driver, Owl Post Worker, Crup Trainer, Fancy Creature Breeder, Quidditch Referee, Potioneer, Curse-Breaker, Wizarding Solicitor, Editor of the Daily Prophet, Wealthy Wizard/Witch
Top Salary: 3519
Notes: The first 5 levels don’t pay a lot; the last 5 pay more. Also, the icon is a stag just because it looked cool.

Wizarding Career 4
Icon: Wand
Focused skills: Charisma, Creativity, Mechanical, Cooking
Reward: Candy Factory
Levels: St. Mungo’s Receptionist, Ministry Security, Herbologist, Honeydukes Confectioner, Magical Mr. Fix-It, Pest Advisory Board, Ghoul Removal Service, Spirit Division Liaison, Hit Wizard/Witch, Supreme Mugwump
Top Salary: 3086
Notes: This track requires fewer skills than most (and is quite low-paying until the upper levels), but you must have 13 friends to advance to the top.

The three, newly updated versions of my old careers:

IMPORTANT: GET THESE VERSIONS and REMOVE THE OLD ONES from your downloads before putting these in; they have the same GUID. You want the new versions – they’ve got custom icons added and typos fixed (as well as one broken chance card result for Borgin and Burkes), and “Wizarding Naturalist” has been changed to “Magizoologist,” which sounds better. Also, because I made an entire Hogwarts career, I removed “Hogwarts Professor” from the Wizarding Career 1 track, replacing it with Alchemist. I’ve also changed the career rewards so most careers offer a different reward.

Because there is apparently a size limit to how long this description can be, I refer you to for full descriptions. I include below only the descriptions that have changed.

Wizarding Career 1
Icon: Wizard’s Hat
Focused Skills: Creativity, Body, Logic, Cleaning
Reward: Cow Plant
Levels: Wizarding Portraitist, Wizarding Photographer, Reporter for the Daily Prophet, Wizarding Wireless Network Commentator, Magizoologist, Unicorn Preserve Specialist, Dragon Preserve Specialist, Healer, Alchemist, Magical Me!
Top Salary: 3307

Ministry Career 1
Icon: Wizard with wand
Focused Skills: Charisma, Logic, Body, Mechanical
Reward: Teleprompter
Levels: Junior Assistant, Department of International Magical Cooperation, Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, Department of Magical Sports, Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, Obliviator, Unspeakable, Auror, Chief Witch/Warlock of the Wizengamot, Minister of Magic.
Top Salary: 3289

Diagon Alley
Icon: Cauldron
Focused Skills: Charisma, Creativity, Logic, Cleaning
Reward: Candy Factory
Levels: Borgin and Burke’s, Quality Quidditch Supplies, Magical Menagerie, The Leaky Cauldron, Madam Malkin’s, Apothecary, Gringotts, Flourish and Blotts, Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes, Ollivander’s.
Top Salary: 2964
Notes: Like Wizarding Career 3, the pay for the last 5 levels is a lot better than the first 5.

Hopefully I’ve managed to fix all the typos. These work in my game, but I do not think these will work with all international versions of the game. If you would like to translate these into other languages, feel free to do so. If you post the translated version elsewhere, please give me credit for the work I’ve done.

If you think there’s some career track I’ve left out that you’re dying to have your Harry Potter sims use, let me know (but remember, I have to have 10 career levels to make a career!) If you would like to get in contact with me, a PM is probably better than the comments section of this page, though I will try to monitor that too. I am open to non-HP-related career requests, but reserve the right to turn down things that

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to the following:

Most of all, an enormous thank you to lientebollemies. I would never have uploaded any of these if it wasn’t for lientebollemies, who was kind enough to make a TON of custom icons for me. With the exception of the wizard’s hat, all of the icons used in these careers are made by Lien, and they are all completely awesome. Every time I thought I was done, I saw I had more gorgeous icons to use, so I just kept creating. Thank you so much, lientebollemies!

Thanks also to the MTS2 community for providing feedback and suggestions, specifically to jodemilo, koda_lovemusic, grumpy_otter, madsaffs, katalina522, appelsapgodin, and vampire_of_death.

Extra special thanks to HaunterMoonEyes for providing a TON of levels for the Dark Arts career and the Dark teen career, to Kailacat for doing the same for the Quidditch career, and to heaven_sent_8_18 the information on how to make teen careers.

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