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River Ridge Townhomes

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Uploaded: 18th Nov 2010 at 4:09 PM
Updated: 9th Jul 2013 at 5:17 PM
Stacked stair functioning has borked yet again since the making of this lot. New versions provided with "one-off stairs".
Download V2 files. For multi-family version, replace doors with the latest door mod of your choice.

These townhomes are ready for your sims on a modest budget. Nothing fancy, but they aren't too shabby either. Requires only Base game and LN.

All units are furnished and nearly identical (except for color schemes). Features 1-2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, kitchen, living room, and private back yard. There is also one empty room in the basement left to your laundry or hobbies. Each townhome comes equipped with indoor and outdoor firealarms, as well as indoor burglar alarms.

There are two versions available. I have play tested both of them.

The Apartment version:
  • No Custom Content required.
  • Left unit ready for move-in.
  • Middle and Right units should be NPC ready. It may take a week or two for sims to move in. (Took me awhile, but I did successfully move in NPCs to the two empty units)
  • Cost Unfurnished: 4, 379
  • Cost Furnished 29, 597
  • All units are furnished, so if you prefer to switch units, it should simply be a matter of moving the Hidden Room markers, and resetting the doors.
    Please see the apartment tutorial here.
  • If NPCs do not seem to be moving in, follow the steps in the above tutorial to unmake, make NPC doors.
    FYI: I noticed that sometimes the "make NPC door menu" does not appear on a door, even if it is active. To get it to appear simply grab the door, delete, and then hit the "undo" button. The menu then comes up. This happened repeatedly on the right end unit. Even though I didn't always see the "make NPC door menu", an NPC did move in there.

The Multifamily version:
  • REQUIRES Flyby's Multi-owners Door 2.0 (Modern)
  • All units accessible
  • Comfortably accommodates up to 9 sims.
  • Cost Unfurnished: 68, 476
  • Cost Furnished 115, 399

  • the trash can moves when you place the lot. Use moveobjects on cheat to re-place in intended area, behind the mailbox, next to the recycle bin (as seen in screenshot) arrow facing towards the windows.
  • If you do not place this on a flat area, you may need to place cars with moveobjects on, and adjust the chessboards and easels for accessibility.
  • If you intend to play multiple families, but do you not want to download mods, I suggest downloading the apartment version and removing the room markers.
  • The small pathways with the bushes leading to the doors were not in my original design, but were necessary to mark the apartments for NPCs. I put two gates for each so that sims wouldn't get stuck. If you are only going to play with multiple families version, you may want to remove them.
  • If you want to control more than 8 sims, you will need either Twallan's Master Controller or the AwesomeMod, Allow Overstuffed Houses setting

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: 4,379 - 29,597

Additional Credits:
A big thanks to Flyby for the Multi-owners Door 2.0 . They are beyond awesome.

Thanks to Jonha for Anygame Starter 3 which allowed me to build for the base game and Late Night only.

Thanks to Armiel for her lovely Builder's Island which allowed me to build on a flat lot, and take such pretty screenshots.

Thanks to HugeLunatic for Late Nate Buyable Mailbox and Trashchute