Autonomous Vampires *UPDATED 21/11/10*

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Uploaded: 21st Nov 2010 at 3:56 AM
Updated: 21st Nov 2010 at 11:09 PM - New Version V1.05
Hey There,

This is a very simple Modification, but it really improves the NPC Vampires.
First, the vampires don't Hunt, Force people thinking about them and reading sim's their minds.

Now they will do! Be prepared for evil hunting mind-reading NPC Vampires!
From now on, no sim in the town will be safe.. (unless you're a vampire)

How it Works
As the Vampires are NPC, they will choose random their actions.
If they want to do an ability, thet will: but as they have an own will: it can be random generated.

But they do! I tought it was really missing!
The Vampires that do'nt use their own abilities, that was really strange for me.

So be Prepared for the evil vampires, which will use their abilities!
Maybe the Moodlet has finally a real good reason to appears..

Conflitcts & Versions
This modification fits with any other vampire modification which does not edit the xml files about the who can and not for the actions listed above.

The Mod is no Core-Mod, so it will work with other core mods.

Also, this mod was created with version
As there are no changes in the patches for this object, it should work in any version of Late Night.

This modification fits with any language version of the game, as no strings were edited or deleted.

List of Updates
What's new? Read it all in the patch notes!

Updating to V1.05
To install the V1.05 update, simply Replace the .Package Files.

Have fun with the modification!

Sorry for my possible bad english, im from belgium.
Please, feel free to correct my english in a comment or private message, and i will correct!

- Pcexpert