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Tombstones from The Sims 3

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Uploaded: 6th Dec 2010 at 9:35 PM

Hi everyone .

Here are the three tombstones from The Sims 3. This was a request from SimAisa101.

So, three objects :
- TombstonePoor (§500)
- TombstoneModerate (§1000)
- TombstoneWealthy (§1500)

These objects, wich do not requiere any EP, can be found in the Decorative/Sculptures section of the catalog.

They are fully recolorable : tombstone and plack. The default color texture is "Old Age" : an hourglass that mean that the Sim died from old age. I added 8 recolors for each tombstone : "Drown", "Elect", "Fire", "Frank" (SimBot), "Hunge", "Meteor", "Mummy" and "Vampire".

Have fun with these new tombstones ^^,


Polygon Counts:
Poor: 28 faces
Moderate: 132 faces
Wealthy: 350 faces