Basegame Default Replacement for EF TopFrontButton - Make your Granny smile!

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Uploaded: 27th Jan 2011 at 9:30 PM
Updated: 21st Jun 2011 at 3:51 AM
I really, really don't like these base game front-button blouse/top for elder females. UGH!
If you do like them - skip this item and and go get the missing Maxis color I found here: 'Twas Lost, Now Found.

So, I replaced them with something waaay better! CatOfEvilGenius made these fresh, pretty Scalloped-edge Tanks. With her permission, I have made some of her tanks into default replacements* and 'moved' the catalog placement of the rest. All the artwork is CatOfEvilGenius'; I only messed around a bit in SimPE. Please see her post for more pictures and information on her blouses: Elegant Tanks for Grandma.
*Default Replacements replace the existing Maxis object with a different one - one of your choice.

There are 6 base game blouses (+ the L&F Lavender I found - which you don't want if you're getting these defaults! ) Cat made 12 Scalloped Tank blouses in her set. I wanted to use ALL of them - and have them all together in one section of my catalog (cake + eat = ) So, I defaulted 6 of them over the front-button shirts - keeping the colors as similar to the originals as I could. And, to keep the Tanks together in my catalog, I made "mover" edits for the other 6 scalloped tanks. If you want all the tanks together in your catalog: be sure you have the textures from Cat, then get my "Mover" file. They are all decustomised for Basegame, and will appear toward the end of your 'Tops' section in Everyday Wear. There will not be a CC star. The below picture shows what was defaulted and what was moved.

You need Cat's efTopKey_MESH for these to work in your game. Get it here.
You also need her textures for the moved tanks: black, blue, green, orange, red, and white. They can be downloaded from the same page as the mesh, and are found in the efTopKey recolors scallop file. However, you DO NOT need the following textures; please delete them after extracting her file (they are included with my default file): cream, leaf, sky, wine, lavender, and yellow.

Usage Policy: With respect to the tank-top textures, please abide by CatOfEvilGenius' usage policy.
Do NOT use my Lost and Found Lavender blouse with these defaults - it will be splinched* in your game.
(*Half lavender and half cream - because the L&F Lavender blouse uses the original mesh, which this default replaces.)

Additional Credits:
CatOfEvilGenius!!! Besides teaching me how to do this - it's her blouse! Thank you Cat!
Skin and hair are by HP, here on MTS.