Finally! Desert Plants for TS3! - Macarossi's Desert Landscape Set converted to TS3

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Uploaded: 24th Feb 2011 at 6:41 PM
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What did you say? TS3 needs more desert plants?? ... Well, I agree with you!

Macarossi's Desert Landscape Set converted to TS3

I LOVE Macarossi's garden plants and have been waiting for a TS3 version which has not appeared. Since Macarossi has a liberal policy of basically 'anything if it's on MTS'. I took on the task of converting her entire Desert Landscape collection to TS3 format (cuz I am a greedy porky and want it for my TS3 gardens) It was a big job (Mainly because I am a mesh masher, not a texture goddess )

Thank you Macarossi for making a beautiful TS2 collection and for having a generous creator policy. Here is a link to the TS2 originals - Macarossi's original TS2 Desert Landscape collection

I want to thank Cmomoney, Cocomama and Orangemittens for their help while I was learning how to do the conversions. Ellacharmed for her detailed tutorial and the creators of all the tools to take apart TS3 packages because I sure couldn't do it without their tool expertise - Peter & Inge for S3PE & s3oc, Wes for MODL decompiler and Milkshape plugins. oh! And I am finally learning how to use Photoshop! I think by mesh 5 I finally learned how to make an alpha quickly. lol (Remember, porky flunked finger painting in kindergarten. )

Because I have converted Macarossi's entire 'Desert Landscape' collection for TS3, I've arranged the presentation pages differently, according to how you'd find them in the game. You can get complete RAR's of the main plant groupings right here on this intro page, but if you want to 'pick and choose' individual plants, look at the comments section.

Macarossi said, "This is a collection of plants typically found in desert regions: cacti, succulents, Pachypodiums (Thick foot). The only plant that doesn't fit here is (maybe) Jack in the Pulpit. Some of the plants, especially some of the cacti, are intentionally oversized."

These are all outdoor plants and can be found in the BUILD section under the corresponding icons. They are all base game compatible - cloned from the ivy ball topiary.

SET of 8 Flowering plants
* Arisaema Candidissimus $55 - 1036 polys
* Beavertail Cactus $120 - 1344 polys
* Brighamsia Insignis - $130 - 1194 polys
* Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum) $150 - 1194 polys
* Disocactus on a tree stump $300 - 1141 polys
* Echinopsis Candicans cactus $110 - 1258 polys
* Flowering Cacti $55 - 1191 polys
* Guzmania - $210 - 1168 polys

Set of 7 Non-flowering shrubs
* Agave $55 - 550 polys
* Arisaema - (shading issues) $45 - 1160 polys
* Cacti and Stones - $210 - 1276 polys
* Cacti Round - $48 - 1120 polys
* Pachypodium Namaquanum $110 - 1244 polys
* Succulent Aeonium - Aeonium Arboreum $65 - 1255 polys
* Zamia - $85 - 1120 polys

SET of 2 Trees -
* Dragon Tree - $425- 2892 polys
* Flowering Madagascar Palm - $525 - 2303 polys

Set of 7 Terrain Paints -
* Desert 1
* Desert Sand 1
* Desert Sand 2
* Desert Sand 3
* Desert Slabs
* Desert Stones
* Desert Stones 2


Please note: This is a conversion of TS2 textures and meshes. While I have done my best to stay true to the originals there is a little bit of 'fudging' on a few of the texture edges, mainly because TS2 uses floating PNG textures and TS3 uses alpha edits and channels - (so please - all botanists out there- don't hate me, m'kay? ) There were slight differences between the leaf and flower shapes on the plants that had more than one color variation. Rather than clutter your bin with almost the same item but in a different flower color/bark pattern, I just modified the leaf edges a little and packaged them as 1 plant in 2 or 3 variations.

Since desert plants are rare in the Sims3 world, these rare plants are a bit spendy.

And! Most importantly, I encourage you to learn how to do these conversions yourself! I've made a tutorial that shows you every step I used to do this conversion. Get it on the wiki - Start to Finish TS2 to TS3 Object Conversion Tutorial