SiMART Board

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Uploaded: 15th Mar 2011 at 6:48 PM
Updated: 27th Apr 2014 at 3:34 AM
Mesh updated 3/14/14.
Available for the Sims 3 here.

Name: SiMART Board
Price: §3250
Your teachers may be old fashion, but their technology sure isn't! Using ultra-high tech, students and teachers can doodle equations, diagrams, and mustaches on face. With its Epsim PowerLite 1835 projector, students can be immersed in interactive learning including Wikisimpedia searches and SimTube videos. Smart never felt so calibrated!
Catalog: Electronics | TVs and Computers
Compatibility: Base Game

This Smart Board functions as a television for sims accompanied by an Epsim PowerLite 1835 projector. The projector also has an invisible "recolor" for use with other projectors. The gray screen cannot be done away with without complications: when I successfully changed its texture locally, it could no longer show video. Thus, it would require a global mod to change the default gray, meaning all the Silver-screen TVs would be whiteboard.

The mesh was remodeled for a conversion into the Sims 3 but could not be spared for the Sims 2. The textures and mapping were also updated.

The board itself doesn't rest completely on the wall—it extends a little out such that it can overlap various boards:

Works with many boards including:* Some may need their heights adjusted with [ / ] if Apartment Life is installed.

Objects shown in the pictures:
This object was cloned from a base game object with SimPE only loading the base game files. It should not require Freetime. If it is crashing your game and you do not have either Freetime or Store Edition, please leave a comment so that I may address it.

Polygon Counts:
999 Faces, 2705 Vertexes

1361 Faces, 1659 Vertexes Originally

Additional Credits:
Wings 3D - Mesh and UV
Blender SimPE