No Autonomous Skinny Dipping/Get in HotTub/Pool with Flavours

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Uploaded 9th Apr 2011 at 11:53 AM · Updated 8th Apr 2011 at 8:41 PM by happytoxin

Tired of your Sims' obsession with the hot tub? And skinny dipping? Sick of constantly dragging them away to take care of more important things?

Well, I know I sure am. As soon as my Sims come within a few hundred pixels of a hot tub, they can't wait to get in - naked or otherwise. I'm also tired of my visitors doing the same. So I made this mod to make them stop.

There are three flavours available - of course, only use ONE at a time.

ht_noautohtsd.rar contains the mod to disallow autonomous "get in" hot tub as well as skinny dipping (in hot tub or pool)
ht_noautophtsd.rar contains the mod to disallow autonomous "get in" pool and hot tub, as well as skinny dipping (in both)
ht_noautosd.rar contains the mod to disallow autonomous skinny dipping (in both), only

You need to have Night Life installed to use this mod. Was created with Basegame 1.19, and all SP/EP's installed (up to OLS).
Should be safe to use with core mods, and most scripts/overrides. Will conflict with any mods that edit the following xml's: "GetIn_HotTubBase", "GetInPool_Pool", "GetInPool_PoolLadder", "SkinnyDip_HotTub", or "SkinnyDipFromHotTub_HotTubBase". If a mod has any effect on a Hot Tub or Pool behaviour, it could conflict.

All flavours will conflict with Mimi's Pregnant Sims Can Use Hot Tubs mod.

Additional Credits:
SP3E, and MTS