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EDJ Pose Pack #2 (Cup of Poses for TS3) - Update 07-12

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Uploaded: 2nd May 2011 at 7:07 PM
Updated: 13th Jul 2011 at 1:02 AM
Continuing on my 1st version of CoP made for TS2 to TS3. Same poses + extras.

9 couple poses for your sims.

1.0 Using
This is intended to be used with cmomoney's Pose Player. If you don't have, download and install.

It's update for the new version of Pose Player, so you'll able to choose from the list.

However, the old way to do the poses its inside the spoiler for who still with the old version and somehow don't update.

1.2 - Putting together
Active the cheat "moveobjects on" and move the Sims pressing ALT and find a comfortable pose as you want.

1.3 - Opss... They didn't make it!
If the Sim don't do the pose, please, be sure:
- You have typed the correct name
- Sometimes you need to do the pose twice. 1st clicking on "pose by name" and typing the pose then clicking on "use current pose" and canceling the 1st action. Not sure why this happen.
2.0 Photo credits
On set: EA wall and floor
On female model:
Hair by XM Sims (second one)
Dress by All About Style (Versace Cut Out Dress)
Bangles by Liana Sims
Shoes by EA
Make Up by Kitty Klan
On male model:
Clothes by EA
Hair by EsmeraldaF
Beard bymonca533

Additional Credits: S3PE Wes' AnimTool