No more annoying idles!

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Uploaded 7th Jun 2011 at 7:58 PM · Updated 12th Nov 2011 at 1:32 PM by claudiasharon : updated for pets

Edit 11/12/2011: Added 1.26Petsno retching+sneezing+crybaby+cheering idles. Enjoy!

Edit 11/11/2011: Added no coward or retching idles (1.26Petsnocowardretchingidles) and a no cheering idles (1.26Petsnocheering) for patch 1.26/Pets. Only download one file!

Edit 10/25/2011: Added new requested removed idles. Requested idles contain Athletic, Artistic, Evil, Flirty and Party Animal idles that have been removed. Bonus idles are photographer's eye and virtuoso idles removed. Added loser too. Remember only download ONE FILE. Read carefully, thank you. If you have any requested idles to be removed, feel free to ask.

Edit 10/24/2011: Fixed the reset error. Please redownload!

Edit 10/23/2011: Updated for patch 1.26/Pets. Also added a new file, babyemotionalloser, which includes removal of no baby crying, over emotional and loser idles, as requested.

Edit 8/1/2011: Compatible with patch 1.24/Town Life Stuff.

Edit 6/9/2011: As requested, a combination of the Overly Emotional trait reactions, Crying Baby reactions and Excitable trait reactions removed. File is excitablebabyemotional.rar.

Edit 6/8/2011: Per HystericalParoxysm okay, put post back to original way it was.

I got a request for an anti-sneezing mod and thought I should make one that includes a few idles that annoyed me.

The retching idle was introduced in Late Night. Martial Arts is from World Adventures. The sneezing, crying baby, excitable and overly emotional idles are base game.

Idles removed:
Retching (puking, not related to pregnancy/bad food)
Overly Emotional trait reactions
Sneezing (just standing there and sneezing)
Crying Baby reactions
Excitable trait reactions
Martial Arts idle stance

You can only have one of these in your game! If you want them all, use the "no all idles" file. If you'd like a different combination, let me know and I can make it. See any idles missing that you wish weren't in your game? Let me know and I can remove them for you.

Made with game version 1.22! Do not use with any other version as it may not be compatible.

This mod edits the idles xml and will conflict with any other mod that does the same. Using Delphy's Dashboard to check for conflicts will help.

Additional Credits:
Makers of S3PE

Type: Other

Tags: #idles, #sneezing, #retching, #throwing up, #emotional, #excitable, #martial arts, #baby, #crying