Sim Center Arena Creation Set

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Uploaded 20th Jun 2011 at 9:48 PM

This set will add a touch of realism to those sports themed lots.

I designed these objects for mostly aesthetic purposes. They would make great props for a lot where a movie or sports game was being filmed.

Based around the lovely game of soccer, this set contains 12 MESHES, 12 RECOLORS & 2 FLOORS.

Included in this set is various artistic soccer pictures of The Red Team and The Blue Team.

Because it is so hard to make a good field, I decided to make a rug that was large enough and just about the right goal lines (? I'm a sports noob..) to make a believable soccer field.

The signs are big and bright, no sim will get lost on the way.

The benches are sturdy and comfortable, so your sims have a place to rest between butt-kicking matches.

The announcers box items let your sims watch and commentate on the game, or any other if the soccer match is too boring.

I decided the diner that sells hotdogs (yummy!) would be best with a redo in a soccer theme. Sports and hotdogs go hand in hand!

And, of course you can't forget about the players. They need a place to leave their dirt covered and smelly uniforms, so lockers and team spirit flags were made to adorn their locker rooms.

Have fun with these! And... GOOO team?

You may recolor and redistribute in lots or otherwise, as long as credit is linked back to here.

Polygon Counts:

Dirt Track Flooring 1 > Floors > Misc 5$
Dirt Track Flooring 1 > Floors > Misc 5$

Base Game

Announcers Table >> Surfaces > Tables 1080$ 1279polys

Announcer TV >> Electronics > Televisions 1000$ 686polys (*Use "moveobjects on" to place on table**)

Announcer Microphone >> Decorative > Sculptures 250$ 596polys

Soccer Pictures 3 to 8 (6) *Maxis Recolor - The Lady on Red* >> Decorative > Wall Hangings > 180$

Soccer Pictures 1 & 2 (2) *Maxis Recolor - Handle and Spout* Decorative > Wall Hangings > 2500$

Baby Change Station >> Decorative > Wall Hangings > 220$ 1232polys

Bench Seating >> Seating > Outdoors> 250$ 644polys

Bench Seating with Towel >> Seating > Outdoors> 250$ 928polys

Red and Blue Soccer Flags *Maxis Recolor - The Fourth Element' Wall Hanging* >> Decorative > Wall Hangings > 5000$

Stadium Lighting >> Lighting > Misc > 500$ 2900polys


Locker Room Lockers in BLUE with RED Recolor >> Misc > Dressers > 340$ 832polys


"Welcome To" Lit Sign >> Lighting > Wall > 500$ 588polys

"Sim Center Arena" Lit Sign >> Lighting > Wall > 500$ 1100polys

Soccer Ball Lit Sign >> Lighting > Wall > 400$ 312polys

Large Soccer Field Rug >> Decorative > Misc > 400$ 12polys

Apartment Life

Soccer Theme Food Stand *Maxis Recolor - One Complete Diner* >>> Community >> Dining > Appliances > 4500$