N8iveSims Presents - First Nations - The Seminole

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Uploaded: 25th Apr 2007 at 7:42 AM
Updated: 1st Apr 2013 at 10:49 PM

Long before Christopher Columbus sweet talked Isabella into backing his harebrained get rich quick scheme, people in the Americas, (Turtle Island), had established political alliances (i.e. nations). These were the Americas’ 'First Nations'. Columbus referred to the Americans, as ‘Indians' -- a misnomer that lives on today -- reminding us that spin doctoring and media hype are not new.

In our Premiere Project Presentation - The N8ive Sims team has made for you, a collection of sims, clothes, college majors, objects and lots reflecting some of the arts and traditions of the first nation to be presented to you -- The Seminole. In the 19th century most Seminole lived either in the Florida Everglade swamps or Indian Territory (Oklahoma). Today, while Seminole people live all over the place, many still live in their ancestral homes in Florida and Oklahoma.

So hitch up them gators and get yourself on down to your Chickee (house). Comb your hair back, put on your bright colored clothes, your jaunty hat, hang up your hammock, roll out your bedroll, pick your corn, and make yourself some whompeta (food).

We invite you to join our theme and make things to share with others in the community. Post #14 has information about the Turtle Island neighborhoods that you can use to make and share lots and stories. We have neighborhoods for all the EP's. Come join the fun. :D

Shoshone-Bannock Flag Song to start things off right. :D

Since I live on the Fort Hall reservation in Idaho and started this project, I decided that we need a traditional Flag Song to start things off right. I don't happen to have a copy of the Seminole Flag Song, so I used Fort Halls' Shoshone-Bannock Flag Song, sung by our very own Sage Point drum. You will hear Flag Songs at the start of every pow-wow right after Grand Entry, at all veteran events and other formal occasions wherever the drum is present.

You're not likely to hear the Shoshone-Bannock Flag Song unless you come down to Fort Hall during the Festival. Bring your tape recorder to get the songs - then you have something to listen to when riding with Philbert in 'Protector' down the Pow-wow Highway to your next destination. (Yes, Pow-wow Highway is a movie that you can rent. )

You can put this song and other music in your game by using the directions in this Tutorial by Daysies.

~ enjoy
~ porkypine

New Objects - wider sewing project table and fabric bolts on a small table for your sewing shops.

The N8iveSims Mod Group Members:

alej_r_b(Pandrito), alex_stanton1983, alexasrosa, bluetexasbonnie, buggybooz, dragonarts, DLMulsow, EveZ, HugeLunatic, KevinsHope, lindawing, MizzesSimmer, porkypine, Reyn, skye,

Credits and Thanks:
Thank you Delphy, for maintaining a great site for us to meet and create Sims2 stuff and for giving us the opportunity to premiere our theme here on MTS2. I want to give a special thanks to tiggerypum, Hysterical Paroxsysm, Wes_h and Dr. Pixel for all their patient help while I learned how to bend, fold, spindle and mutilate meshes before I finally learned how to create meshes.
Thank you to the makers of Milkshape and SimPE and Unimesh- without their products I wouldn't even have tried to attempt meshing. I also want to thank Numenor for making his Legacy base game and EP testing utility. It really made a difference when I had to swap back and forth between Body shop, Milkshape, SimPE and the game for testing. I recommend it for all creators when testing their stuff. If you use it, you'll keep your hair. And finally, I want to thank my team members. We needed all their various talents to produce this theme. It would not have been the same without them. (Gee, I feel like I'm giving my acceptance speech at the Academy Awards. )

THANK YOU, EVERYONE! I hope you enjoy our set.
~ porkypine


p.s. Future sets will have fabulous items for many other 'First Nations' - Next nation in the queue are the Ne-mee-poo, known to the rest of the world as the Nez Perce.

New to MTS2 Theme downloads? You have to scroll down past the screenshots and Flag Song download and click on the Comments link to find the 78 + theme items! OR, Click on the individual post numbers to go directly to those items.

POST 2: Traditional Clothing for Men and Boys - Hats too.

POST 3: Traditional Clothing for Women and Girls - Special women's hair style too.

POST 4: Modern Clothing with that special touch - for all ages.

POST 5: Two-Leggeds and Four-Leggeds for your Turtle Island Neighborhoods

POST 6: Columns aned Beams for your Chickees.

POST 7: Things for your Sims Homes - Bedding, Spears, Bookcase, Drums, Dolls, and arrows, etc.

POST 8: Now you too can live on Turtle Island - Download the World and move your sims in.

POST 9: Send your young adults off to College at Haskell University

POST 10: Instructions for Lot Installation

POST 11: Chickee Starter home - Base Game Compatible.

POST 12: Chayajus Trading Grounds -- Base Game Community Lot, no ep’s required

POST 13: Traditional Homes -- Require UNI, NL & OFB

POST 14: The Traditional Outfit Shop -- Get your Finery Here

POST 15: Istee-cha-tee Today -- Requires Uni, NL, OFB

POST 16: Hard Rock Casino - Commercial. Requires Uni, NL, OFB

POST 17: Links to Other Downloads

POST 18: "The Corner Merc" an OFB lot

POST 19: Specialty tables for your tailoring shops.