Support Your Local Artist

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Support Your Local Artist

Would your Sims like to live in a house & kindly provide accommodation to a local artist? *sure*
Or maybe your Sim’s the budding artist & the backyard just doesn’t cut it as a studio anymore? *oh yeah*
Maybe you just want a great house for hosting parties? *hot diggety*
Well then this is the lot for you! *oh happy day*

Support Your Local Artist is a hip, cozy home on the inside, with a modern-kinda architecture on the outside.

Entertain friends poolside at hot tub, bar, and BBQ. Or take them rooftop for the bubble bar & lounging.

I’d ramble on, but the pictures have a better vocabulary than I do… *ah, pixels*

Check out the screenshots at the way bottom of the page too! They’re different pics than what’s posted here.

Features: Private art studio & swanky artist’s quarters, swimming pool w/diving board* & hot tub, outdoor bar/BBQ, fountains, rooftop access (incl. mini-garden area) …the perfect party pad! Now your Simmies can enjoy it, too!

*Sims can stand on the diving board, but cannot dive from it (due to no lifeguard on duty)

No spiral staircases added to this one … but that’s purposefully so people w/out Gen’s can still house their artists here!
*it’s van Gogh-Gogh time*

The wall art in the art studio is there for deco. Please feel free to take ‘em down & hang up the new art your Sims create here.

No CC! No store content! Just download & enjoy!

BR: 3
BA: 3
Lot Size: 30x30
Cost: Furn $179,400 - Unfurn $86,591
Accomodates: 6
Levels: 2
Player tested. Beautifully dec’d inside & out. …all for you!

And please remember to hit that thanks button when you download.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: Listed above