Lily Dale Curiosities and Consignment

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Uploaded: 16th Apr 2013 at 6:53 PM
Updated: 15th Apr 2013 at 12:36 PM by PlayinSafe

Elixir Consignment Shop + Gypsy Wagon
All on one lot... and all work.

Lily Dale, New York, is quite real. It is a quaint community known as quite the clairvoyant hub.
It is home to mediums and mysticism, and people travel from all over to hear their fortunes [or, refund please!,... misfortunes].
And so, it inspired me to build this lot.

This community lot has the Gypsy Wagon map tag.
However, if you click on the elixir shop building, you can visit it and partake of all the lot's beauty and mysteries.

On the Grounds:
Zoomsweeper Broom Arena
Beekeeping Boxes
Barbeque/Picnic Areas
Sleeping Bags
Alchemy Spawners [gem, insect]

Inside the Shop:
Alchemy Stations
Gem-U-Cut Machines

Oh yeah... the mini python and iguana may need fed (2nd floor of Elixir Shop).
With a barbeque grill and sleeping bags on site, you don't have to go home and you can stay here.

Shhh. There is a top secret bookcase door to access the basement, and gadzoinks! yes!, it is backwards.
Due to an EA glitch with the Supernatural EP Bookcase Door, you'll have to make one little adjustment.
For the door to work, please turn it around in Buy/Build Mode (not to be done via Edit Town Mode!).
shift+click>Buy or Build on this lot>turn the bookcase door around That's it!
The door should be fine when you return to Live Mode.

All kinds of pics uploaded to imgur here for your perusal.

Used in building/testing, but not at all required for gameplay: [many thanks to the following]
jonha's Any Game Starter, granthes' Curtain Heights Adjustment mod, Delphy's Custard, Twallan's NRaas mods
--Player-tested and verified clean via Custard.--

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 139,220