LazyTime Living Room Set

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Uploaded: 24th Sep 2011 at 7:16 PM
Updated: 24th Sep 2011 at 6:33 PM
Hi Simmers,

After what seemed like an extremly long summer I've been gradually working on a beautiful Living room set for your sims to splash their hard earned cash on once again, winters here and its time for an extreme makeover. I do try to conjour up a fresh idea.. something not even EA has, most of their stuff can be extremly bulky, thick and square,I think about what brings us into the game to make things feel alive, its the small details that really strike us, If I dont like something I'll scrap it immediatly and start over because I feel other things could be done while I'm still pondering on one idea.
Anyway enough rambling this set is bustling with goodies for you to CAS to, and really express your selves.

A list prices of all the contents in the set:

3 Seater Sofa: $2,460 3 recolour channels
2 Seater Sofa: $1,970 3 recolour channels
Chaise Lounger: $1,670 2 recolour channels
Reading Chair: $1,460 3 recolour channels
Canvas Prints: $950
Bookcase: $800 1 recolour channel
SideBoard: $490 2 recolour channels
Coffee Table: $465 2 recolour channels
CDRack: $450 1 recolour channel
Endtable: $395 2 recolour channel
TableLamp: $60 2 recolour channel

(Note The Bookcase is the only Item which requires Latenight to function the rest is Base game.

Polygon Counts:
3 Seater Sofa
Vert: 1094 Low: 482
Tri: 1928 Low: 520

2 Seater Sofa
Vert: 940 Low: 428
Tri: 1668 Low: 467

Reading Chair
Vert: 859 Low:429
Tri: 1242 Low: 502

Chaise Lounger
Vert: 819 Low:564
Tri: 1476 Low: 612

Vert: 1150 Low: 607
Tri: 1460 Low: 559

Vert: 1099 Low: 735
Tri: 1386 Low 779

Vert: 2063 Low: 1782
Tri: 1360 Low: 1084

Coffee Table
Vert: 404 Low: 193
Tri: 752 Low: 212

Canvas Prints
Vert: 264
Tri 132

Bellow TableLamp
Vert: 498 Low: 561
Tri: 653 Low: 424

Vert: 702 Low: 688
Tri: 1056 Low: 514

Additional Credits:
To the Creators of S3pe, S3oc. WesHowe for his S3object tool and MS Plugins.
And mostly Ty to orangemittens for helping me with the Bookcase ^.^ also the great support from the Creator feedback section ty guys x