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Bridgeport General Hospital (No CC)

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Uploaded: 19th Jan 2012 at 3:28 PM
Updated: 21st Mar 2013 at 8:02 AM - links to images edited due to change of image host
Welcome to the Bridgeport General Hospital! We are pleased to provide you with high quality health care and personal comfort for you and your family throughout your stay. Our mission is to provide healthcare that meets the highest of standards: yours.

Thank you for choosing Bridgeport General Hospital. We hope your stay here is a pleasant one.

Our Services:
  • 24-hours emergency care
  • inpatient medical and surgical care
  • general surgery
  • plastic surgery
  • outpatient services

Our Facilities:
  • Free parking for patients and visitors
  • Reception and Information Desk
  • Cash-Register for Books and Food
  • Patients Rooms with one, two or four beds and private bathroom
  • Hospital Cafeteria
  • Public Restrooms

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Location & Lot Details:
  • Located at 56 Gusto Point Road, Bridgeport. This place was formerly known as Butterfly Esplanade.
  • Lot Size: 64 x 64
  • Lot Price: 523,971§ (furnished) – 339,433§ (unfurnished)
This is a community lot (set to "visitors allowed"), built with a hospital rabbit hole. You can use this not only as a hospital but also to meet up with other Sims in the Cafeteria. There's a cash register for food in the cafeteria and a cash register for books at the reception, right behind the main entrance.

Cheats used:

Buydebug, Moveobjects, PlaceFriezes and ConstrainFloorElevation.

Please note that some book shelves are not accessible by Sims due to the use of the moveobjects cheat. I needed to use this cheat at some places to get the right look and feel of a hospital. You'll find lots of other book shelves throughout the building, so please direct your Sim to another book shelf.

I checked the file with CUSTARD to make sure that there is nothing included that doesn't belong there.

→ No Custom Content was used to build this hospital. That means that the original Rabbit Hole of the „Sacret Spleen Memorial Hospital“ is still there (in the basement) to make this work. If you don't like that you may replace it with one of the Rabbit Hole Replacements by Raven_Shadow, available here at MTS.

→ If you don't mind Custom Content in your game I highly recommend Hekate999's „Hospital Set“ which includes many great objects (download here).

Required Games: The Sims 3 Base Game, World Adventures, Ambitions and Late Night (with patch = minimum requirement).

Built/Saved/Playtested with Game Version

Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: 523,971 / 339,433