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City Hall: A Rabbit Hole Recreation

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Uploaded: 31st Dec 2010 at 10:09 PM
Updated: 1st Jan 2011 at 12:52 AM
Have you ever looked at a Rabbit Hole and wondered what was inside? What if you could imagine up an interior for the building?

City Hall: A Rabbit Hole Recreation

A Smaller, Community Lot, based off of the Sunset Valley "City Hall"

I made this community lot as a replacement in a world, but after some work, I made a really nice, close to the original version of City Hall!

Layout and Design
The building itself is created to mock the original City Hall rabbit hole, and has a similar shape. Inside the building, there are 3 floors, two of which are accessible. The first floor includes a lobby, "offices", and two elevators leading to the third floor. The third floor includes similar office layout, but there is library instead of the lobby. All the offices are marked as hidden rooms, and cannot be entered. The roof is not accessible by sims.

How to Edit This Lot
This lot includes build elements that render it un-editable without the use of cheats. To lift the restrictions, the following cheats are needed, and should be typed into the Cheat console by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C, the cheat, and then enter. Enter each code as shown.

testingCheatsEnabled true
rbbb false

Making this lot THE City Hall [Optional]
This lot is made to be a community lot that can be visited by your sims. However, for a further twist, this lot can be set to be THE City Hall of your town. The placement of Custom Rabbit Hole items on this lot can change the status of the lot from a regular community lot to a functional City Hall + Visitable Lot. Downloads to make this happen can be found in the "Recommended" section. This is NOT required for this community lot to work.

Lot Size: 5x4
Lot Price: 45,187

Custom Content
To ensure the quality of the lot, some objects are required to be downloaded. This content is NOT included in the package and MUST be downloaded for the exterior of the lot to appear as shown!

1. Big Rose Window by Hekate999

2. Colonial Windows II by HugeLunatic

3. Bright, beachy white trimmed roofs by tammy_trauma

Recomended: The following downloads are not required, but it is in the best interests of the user to be downloaded. Without the following downloads, some elements will be/need to be replaced, and it is to the disgression of the downloader whether or not these changes are worth making.

1. Custom Rabbit Hole Collection Rugs by Jynx *Website currently down, seek alternative.

2. Modular Sofa Set by Lisen801

3. Decorative wall/roof objects by Alopex

Additional Credits:
Crescent Cove, A Barrier Island by Ellatrue; Original World *Not needed or included
Jynx, for making custom rabbit holes possible!
My friend for helping my through building this! [Thanks Elizabeth! ]