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Wilemington Plantation - A 'Lot' of Suprises (No CC)

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Uploaded: 8th Feb 2012 at 5:40 AM
Welcome to Wilemington Plantation!

This elaborate manor was once the home of Wilemington Tate. After losing his entire family when his house was ripped apart by the Tornado of '49, Wilemington, known to the locals as Farmer Bob secluded himself with the treasures he found when traveling the world with his family, locking them in a room in he barn.

Rumor has it the oddly placed room above the garage was the original section of the house that was picked up!!! Farmer Bob built his barn so he could be with his animals and some of his remaining treasures.

Farmer Bob reportedly created his own secret room underneath the remains of his farm house, which is still on the property---even though Farmer Bob had built a bigger home for him to live out the rest of his days. And Farmer Bob was a hard working, strappin' nectar drinkin' man. (hint, hint)

Tate passed away many years ago, and no one had been on the plantation for decades, that is until some city slickers from Bridgeview bought the estate and put it through a thorough renovation with the hopes of raising horses and enjoying the clean air of the country side.

Wilemington Plantation includes:

Main House:

-Five Bedrooms
-3 Bathrooms
-Updated kitchen which mixes a modern and country touches
-Two Story Family Room
-Full length front porch
-Rear patio
-Pool with Bar area


-Two stalls for horses
-All essentials for raising horses
-Second level with Nectar Making equipment
-Room to expand
-Attached 2 car garage


-Planted Crops (pomelos, grapes, limes, etc)
-Pond stocked with fish
-2 areas for training horses, one with a race training equipment
-Plenty of parking
-Professional Landscaping

I am playing with building tombs and what not, so it's kind of basic at the moment. I have tested all interactions with the hidden features and all are working correctly . No Custom Content included.

I hope you and your Sims enjoy the Wilemington Plantation, and watch out for Farmer Bob!

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price: 358975 (Furnished) 173859 (UnFurnished)