Lover's Cottage

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Uploaded: 7th Feb 2012 at 4:50 AM
Updated: 6th Feb 2012 at 11:53 PM
Happy Valentine's Day! ♥ I made this cute little cottage for any nice Sim couples out there. It fits two (or one) Sims perfectly. It could fit more, you'd just have to convert the study or art studio into a bedroom. It's built in the Tudor style, and is landscaped with red and pink flowers.

First Floor: a living room with couches, a TV, and a video game console; a small restroom with a washing machine; another living room area with a fireplace and couch; a dining area; and a small kitchen.
Second Floor: a master bedroom with a full bath; a study; and an arts studio with an easel and pottery wheel.
Outside: small garden with 6 autoplants and clothesline (there isn't a dryer).

CC Used And Not Included
- Authentic Brick by guatla:
- Vita Sims 3 Rose Bouquet and Teddy Bear Box (Part of the Valentines Bedroom Set):

Store Items Used--Free
- New Years Nectar:
- Let There Be Sims! Sunset Valley Painting:

Custom Content Included
- Chocolate Heart Box by mensure at The Sims Resource:

Lot Information
- Game Patch
- Expansions Used: World Adventures, Ambitions, Night Life, Generations, and Pets. I have 2 stuff packs, but I didn't use any objects from them, so you should be fine there.
- Lot Size: 20x20
- Lot Price, Furnished: §50,328. Unfurnished: §29,402
- House Plan: