[New UPDATE] Yoga Rug

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Uploaded: 28th Feb 2012 at 7:33 PM
Updated: 9th Mar 2012 at 5:30 AM
This download features an custom Animation of yoga practice.

New interaction "Yoga Intermediate" with 3 custom animations! It is available after reaching level 4 of Athletic skill. Advanced yoga now requires level 7
You can now carry the Yoga Rug with you! Why not enjoy doing Yoga at the park or on the beach?
Yoga slightly increases fun
Your Sims returns to his/her proper Outfit after doing Yoga.
Yoga rug is now found under the Study room: indoor activity, or Entertainment: sporting goods

UPDATE 2: The rug now increases the Athletic skill! The animations loop, Advanced Yoga is limited to the Sims with 4+ skill points

UPDATE: As asked, this comes now as a Rug with two different interaction and many more animations!

This is a package file, and is installed the same way every package file is.
It does not require any particular mod, and should work with every game. There should be no conflict with any other mods.
It is fully compatible with the 1.31 game patch.

The object is based on RugMission3x2. You can find it in the Rug section, it is entitled "Rug Yoga", and costs 1S$
The object does now record the progress for the athletic skill ; the yoga also counts as cardio workout. After a few hours it will make your Sims tired, and practicing yoga also reduces the hygiene (but slower than standard athletic methods). The gain of athletic points is similar to other athletic objects.

The object features two interaction
Basic Yoga
Advanced Yoga (accessible once you reach the 4th point in Athletic skill)

I would really love to hear your comments on this, so please, give feedback on what you would like to be added or changed.
Nonetheless, be aware that it is quite time consuming to work on animations, so be reasonable in your requests for improvement.

You may change it, reuse it, and do whatever you want, as long as you give me credit.
Hope you enjoy.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the moders here who did created kindly wonderful tools! Especially WesHowe for his very useful "AnimTool", and rigs.
And of course thanks to Inge and Peter Jones for S3OC, S3PE