Functional wading pool

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Uploaded: 25th Feb 2005 at 12:08 PM
Updated: 28th Apr 2009 at 12:49 AM
UPDATE: This download has been superseded with this one which resolves most of the issues present in this version. If you just want a kiddie pool, get that one! I'm leaving this one here for those people who have recoloured it and linked here for the mesh.

UPDATE: Bugs have now been ironed out. Anyone who wants to make and share recolours now for this item may do so. :D

Original post:
I present the "Water Babies" wading pool. Both toddlers and kids can use this item, which acts as a single tile shallow pool of water for splashing in.

The water shouldn't spread or flood when being splashed in. It raises fun, and slowly decreases hygene (much like the grown up's pool). The default colour is the magenta one. The two other colours are in the "recolours" zip.

The object is recolourable.

You can find it under Plumbing > Miscellaneous.

Special thanks to Braveheart for her diligent and detailed testing efforts!

Enjoy, and let me know if anything bizarre comes up!

Statistics: Verts: 202, Polys: 268