Family Horse Riding

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Uploaded: 15th May 2012 at 5:58 PM
Must have the pose player to make these work.
I used Live horses, but you can use them on the horses that have come out as poses. There are no horse poses in this package, just sims.

They are list compatable.
p_toddler_horse_1 Toddler riding with adult
p_toddler_horse_3 Toddler pointing
p_toddler_horse_4 Toddler getting sleepy
a_child_horse_1 Child riding by itself
a_child_horse_2 Child doubling another child
a_child_horse_4 Child holding on to the adults waist
a_child_horse_5 Child holding toddler
a_adut_horse_2 Adult riding by themself
a_adult_horse_3 Adult riding looking to the side
a_adult_horse_4 Adult holding the toddler on