Leg Size Sliders for All Pets

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Uploaded: 27th Jun 2012 at 6:47 PM
Updated: 8th Jun 2013 at 10:58 PM - confirm 1.50 compatible
Oh EA, you frustrate me to no end. Horses have no sliders to change their lower leg and hoof size, dogs have a foreleg slider that makes them look like a mutant, and poor cats have nothing at all!

When I saw CmarNYC's new tutorial for making pet body sliders (check that out here), I immediately knew that I had to make these sliders.

Included are 6 separate sliders: Foreleg and Hind Leg adjustments for each species.
  • Works on all ages, including puppies, kittens and foals
  • Dogs and horses: Found in the Legs panel in Create-a-Pet, named Lower Foreleg Scale and Lower Hind Leg Scale
  • Cats: Found in the Body panel in Create-a-Pet, named Foreleg Scale and Hind Leg Scale
  • Dogs and cats: Sliders allow leg sizes both larger than the EA default, and smaller
  • Horses: Sliders allow adjustments larger than the EA default only
  • Separate packages for each species, so you can choose which ones you need
  • Works correctly with all feathering and hair on the legs
  • No clipping with most animations

Compatible with 1.33 through 1.50.
Built with game version 1.33.
Note for CC Magic/Package merging!
I have had issues with the sliders not appearing if merged when other pet sliders are installed. For CC Magic users, I strongly recommend you install these in the legacy folder (My Documents/EA/Sims 3/Mods/Packages).

  • Slight clipping may occur with certain animations, most noticeably when dogs and cats sit down, but it's hard to notice in normal gameplay. Clipping occurs in this game even without my sliders.
  • Horses: When set to high values, feathering may clip between the legs (particularly the hind legs).
  • Horses: In foals only, the sliders seem to cause a band of darker colour at the bottom of the hoof; I don't know what causes this and haven't been able to fix it, but it's not distracting in normal gameplay.

Thanks and Credits
A huge thanks to the amazing CmarNYC. Without her wonderful tutorial, I would have never been able to make this.

Made with S3PE, Delphy's Slider Template tool, Blender, and Delphy's BoneDelta Editor.