Take A Bow Pose Pack (Horse and Sim poses) [updated 30-Mar-15]

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Uploaded: 20th Jul 2012 at 12:38 PM
Updated: 17th Jan 2021 at 12:44 AM
You will need the pose player (updated 5-1-12 or later) to use these poses! Without this version, these poses WILL NOT WORK.

This pose pack contains 14 bowing and "ta-da" poses - 7 each for horses and sims.

  • 30-Mar-15 : Updated so that the pose codes are listed in the 'Name' field of the pose list. No other changes made to poses.

I designed the horse and rider poses to go together (e.g. a_k2_riderbow_04 is meant to go with ah_k2_horsebow_04), but most of them can be mixed and matched or used individually. The mounted rider, a_k2_riderbow_01, will work with all of the horse poses. You will need to raise the rider slightly (about 20cm) using OMSP if you use it with horse bows 4 or 5.

Pose Names / Descriptions:
a_k2_riderbow_01 - Mounted rider with arms raised.
a_k2_riderbow_02 - Gallant bow with left arm to back.
a_k2_riderbow_03 - Ta-da pose with right arm raised, left arm touching horse's neck
a_k2_riderbow_04 - Kneeling Ta-da pose with right arm extended, left hand on thigh
a_k2_riderbow_05 - Ta-da pose with left arm raised, left hand on hip
a_k2_riderbow_06 - Kneeling with right extended to touch horse's face
a_k2_riderbow_07 - Deep bow with left leg extended
ah_k2_horsebow_01 - Bow with forelegs crossed
ah_k2_horsebow_02 - Kneeling bow with right foreleg extended
ah_k2_horsebow_03 - Kneeling bow
ah_k2_horsebow_04 - Bow with left foreleg extended, right foreleg tucked under
ah_k2_horsebow_05 - Shallow bow with both forelegs extended
ah_k2_horsebow_06 - Deep bow with both forelegs extended
ah_k2_horsebow_07 - Kneeling bow with left foreleg extended, head tucked down

Store Items Used on Models:
Female Hair :: Braided Bun
Female Top :: The Bowie

All other items are stock EA items from Pets & Showtime.

The gray model horse is available in my studio at TS3 -- Velvet Undertones (The bay is just a default EA horse.)

Additional Credits:
Cmomoney :: Pose Player
OrangeMittens :: Complete Pose Tutorial Using Blender 2.63 & CLIPTool: For Sim and Animal Poses
A :: Blender animation plugins v1.52 and for the rigs
Inge and Peter Jones :: s3pe