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Dolphin's Magic Gardening Gnome (modified for 1.4.7 Seasons)

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Uploaded: 18th Sep 2012 at 6:44 PM
Updated: 15th Jul 2013 at 3:17 AM
1.5.5 - Preliminary testing suggests 1.5.5 is compatible as well. Please make save game backups just in case (this applies to any other mod, BTW). Please submit any error reports in the comments.

Dolphin's Magic Gardening Gnome (updated for Seasons)
Compatible with base game version 1.47.

NOTE: Uploaded beta version fix for Seasons. This should fix winter dormancy issues by forcing gnome to stop working during winter. Commands will have no effect during winter, but will not ruin your plants. Plant dormancy statuses are updated at 5am, as all growth routines are. Let me know if there are any problems.


v1.2 - Temporary fix for seasons-related issues. See above. Gnome will not function during winter/snow conditions. Indoor plants are reported to still grow. This is normal behavior.
v1.1 - Temporary fix to barren plants not regenerating, courtesy of lolitar. They will replant themselves after being barren.


Fixed no growth on harvestables bug, and allowed Sims with magic skill (Witches) to recharge mana.

All credits go to the original creator dolphin26.

This should work as a drop in replacement for the original mod, but if you want to be safe, uninstall the original before installing this one.


Normal: 100 simoleons for 1 mana, replenishes Wizard Skill Level * 5 mana on cast.
Easy: 25 simoleons for 1 mana, replenishes Wizard Skill Level * 10 mana on cast.


Please only use one .package file!

Additional Credits:
Dolphin26 for the original mod:



Description from the original mod:

This magic gardening gnome helps you garden. It can cause your garden to grow incredibly fast, and also water, weed and fertilize your garden. Both the speed and what it does is configurable through settings on the gnome itself. As it works, the gnome will change its pose. If you were to turn off all the functions defined below, you'd just get a gnome that changes poses on a schedule.

More information is given below the changelog.



Grow -- Age's your garden 1 extra day per time period
Weed -- Removes all weeds
Water -- Waters all plants
Fertilize -- Fertilize all plants with "outstanding" level fertilizer
Revive -- Revives any barren or dead plant.


Medium -- Medium speedup, growing your plants 4 extra times a day.
Fast -- Grows your plants once every 4 hours
Faster (default) -- Grows your plants once an hour
Fastest -- Grows your plants once very 15 minutes
Pulse Only -- Instead of turning on and off the Gnome, you get an option to "Do Pulse" which does all the items one time only.

Turn On -- Turns on the Gnome (wakes him up). This only displays if the Gnome is off and you have a speed other than "Pulse Only"
Turn Off -- Turns off the Gnome (puts him to sleep). This only displays if the Gnome is on and you have a speed other than "Pulse Only"
Do Pulse -- Does a one time set of actions, and changes the pose.

A note about when the Gnome does its work: When in pulse mode, the Gnome will do the entire garden at once, instantly. However, when using another speed and leaving the Gnome on, the Gnome does its work throughout the time it is on. (Specifically, it will do 1/10 of your garden 10 times between poses.) This will make the garden seem to age more naturally (although very fast) instead of the entire garden aging at once. You can still see how often the Gnome works, however, by watching its pose change. If left on, between poses the Gnome will get to every plant on the lot once.

One more thing: The gnome will not age plants that have harvestables on them. This prevents them from timing out prematurely. It will continue to water, weed and fertilize these plants if configured to do so, but will pass over the plants for magically induced growth.

This is a cloned object with a custom script built in. As such, it should not conflict with other hacks. I also believe this mod to be base game compatible, but I do have WA. I'd appreciate it if someone without WA would confirm that it works for them in the comments area.

Obviously this is mostly a cheat, but could also be useful to someone building a lot with plants above normal quality. Had I made this object first, my Tomb of the Underground Garden would have been substantially easier to create!

You can find the object under decor->misc, as shown here: