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Longer or Shorter Pregnancies, Puddles and More! 1.67

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 11th Apr 2013 at 6:08 AM
Updated: 14th Feb 2014 at 10:05 AM
These work with patch 1.67

2 day pregnancy is the 48 hour one! I'm just highlighting this because I've gotten quite a few requests for 48 hour pregnancies

This mod alters the following:
  • Pregnancy length.
  • Number of maternity days your sim gets.
  • The frequency of backaches and nausea.
  • One puddle will appear at the start of labor.

What's the Difference?:

A standard sim pregnancy lasts for exactly 72 hours, has only a 0.1 chance of nausea, 0.083 percent of a backache, no puddle at the start of labor and your sim gets 4 days off maternity leave.

This mod alters the length from 72 hours to less or more(depending on which flavor you choose) and/or raises the chance of a backache to 0.90 and nausea to 1.0, one puddle will appear when labor begins and your sim will get to work through their pregnancy!

I have included six flavors of this mod but I'm taking requests:
  • 12 hour pregnancy with no leave.
  • 25 hour pregnancy for just a bit longer with no leave.
  • A 9 day length with no leave.
  • A 15 day pregnancy, again with no leave.
  • A 21 day pregnancy again with no leave.
  • And finally there is a .package for more nausea and backaches, otherwise you'll just use EA's standard.

(New) Requests Added:
  • 5 Day Pregnancy With Leave
  • 5 Day Pregnancy With No Leave
  • 12 Hour Pregnancy With No Leave
  • 12 Hour Pregnancy With Leave
  • 18 Hour Pregnancy With No Leave
  • 18 Hour Pregnancy With Leave
  • (New!)6 Hour Pregnancy With Leave
  • (New!)6 Hour Pregnancy With No Leave
  • (New!)3 Day(Default) Pregnancy With No Leave


This mod works great with patch 1.55 and most likely with anything below that but I have not tested it, so use with caution if not patched to the latest version! This works with University Life as well as all other EPs.


Installation is simple, especially if you've ever used a .package file, but if you don't know how, follow this tutorial.


You can only have one length installed at a time, so for instance don't put every length into your packages folder at once. Only use 25 hours. Or just 21 days. More nausea and backaches will work in combination with any of these pregnancy lengths.

As for other mods, any ones that edit the Pregnancy XML file are likely incompatible.

I've actually tested this with a few other mods, including NRaas Woohoer and Pregnancy Progress Controller and they work beautifully. As for others, you will have to test this yourself, and please if you do, let me know how it works!

Also I found it cool that with this mod, NRaas Woohoer and No Pregnancy Chime and No Woohoo Harp Sound you can have a surprise pregnancy. Especially with the 15 day pregnancy where symptoms don't begin for 48 hours.

For some odd reason, NRaas Story Progress or one of its components doesn't work with this mod. My sims pregnancies kept randomly disappearing. Just so you're aware!

Additional Credits:
The awesome creator of S3PE!

MTS for their tutorials!