No AutoBloom for Fairies

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Uploaded: 30th May 2013 at 10:37 AM
Updated: 20th Feb 2014 at 6:45 AM
Disables the autonomous version of the Fairy's Bloom interaction on Harvestables (ends Dormant plant glitching). This will put an end to fairies causing the awkward "Harvest (Dormant)" state where no produce shows and plants are rendered unusable.
*Note: The current patch (1.67) for some reason causes plants to "glitch" to "Harvest (Dormant)" in the FALL, so in that case, you will still want NRaas_Overwatch to fix them (set them to "Mature") when you reload your game. I don't know how to fix that bug in-game sadly

**If you make a mistake and have one of your Fairies cast Bloom on a Mature (Dormant) plant--pushing it to this glitched state, having the NRaas_Overwatch mod can correct the glitches when you reload the game.**

Made for the Sims 3 basegame version patch 1.50 **Still works with version 1.67.** (Not tested on earlier versions. Requires the Supernatural expansion (for Fairy Sims) and the Seasons expansion (for seasonal weather) for it to be most useful.

*If you have Supernatural but NOT Seasons, you might want your fairies to use their auto-bloom (since your plants will never go Dormant). In that case, you won't need this mod.

^This is a minor tuning mod that will override the GameplayData.Package's (Bloom_Plant ITUN) file, so do NOT get another mod that affects this.

Additional Credits:
Made using S3PE (x64)