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For the Love of Goth!- Two Child Friendly Outfits for Manly Goths

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Uploaded: 5th Jun 2013 at 8:15 AM
Updated: 18th Jun 2013 at 8:26 AM
When I started playing the Goth family for the first time, I believed it would be like jumping head first into any overrated story line. I was all up and ready for the supposed spookiness, the interest, the amazing!
....welp, lets just say I did not get any of that.

I won't fill you in on the boring details but basically there was a lot of "Let me woohoo anything that moves!" for the "Elegant" Bella, Cassandra, the darkness following shy one, apparently loves to dance the smustle (who knew right?) and little cutie Alexander managed to set the house on fire within five minutes of game play.
My goodness.

If there's one thing I could count on when playing the Goths, it was Mortimer. He was there for me when I needed someone to put out the fire. He was there when his wife decided woohooing in the car would be fun. Heck, the guy even managed to make time in his busy schedule to clue Cassandra in on the fact that the smustle is soo out and zombie dancing is totally where it's at these days.
Yep, through it all I emerged with Mortimer being my new absolute favourite Goth...it might also have something to do with the little fact I read on his wiki: "Mortimer Goth's appearance is likely to be based on that of Vincent Price, a famous American horror actor." Um yup, definitely my favourite.

...and that brings us to this! (“Oh thank the watcher, I thought she'd never shuttup!”)

What you see here are two Child friendly versions of two of Mortimer's non-sims 2 outfits for kids cause they're fun!

His sophisticated, purple vested suit from the Sims 1 with a bow tie!...because yanno, bow ties are cool!

...and of course his cutesie little stripped shirt outfit from the Sims 3 with jean shorts instead of brown because well, brown pants didn't seem to go as nicely.
(BTW: Check out that supper awesome mesh needlecream went to the trouble of shoe-swapping for me! Talk about awesomeness!)

Thus both pieces combine forces to bring you...

So you, like me, can spread a little clothes love for Morty.

Mesh for Mortimer Goth 1 is by fakepeeps7 and is NOT included due to her creator policy. Get it here (boysbowtieblazerpants.zip)
Mesh for Mortimer Goth 3 is by needlecream who was nice enough to make it for me and even allow me to include it!

CC Credits:
Raon 41 Maxis Match Retexture by Simgaroop: http://simlish.dreamwidth.org/83339.html
Messy Hair for All Ages by: melodie9: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=188067

Additional Credits:
Fakepeeps7 for permitting me to use her adorable mesh.
Needlecream for the wonderful shoe swap and for allowing me to include the mesh.
EA/Maxis for the inspiration.