Medieval/Fantasy Brewing Career

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Brunhilderina Gurglesmith MacToddle, Mistress of Winowyn Brewery, is in dire need of additional workers! It seems that demand for the spirits she provides has risen sharply in response to the Seventeenth Spiritual Revolt of Ye Gloome und Doome Catacombs. Apparently, the resident ghosts are very perturbed by the realm's recent general indifference to spectral parlor tricks and have taken to following folk and warbling "Me Cursed vith Grate und Enduering Plegues uv Ye Pixies und Gnomes," which is most certainly a curse on the ears as well as morale.

This career does not overwrite EA careers.

Languages: At this time the career is English only. Download the Language Strings file, send translation file to [email protected], and then PM me on MTS so I will check the gmail account.

1. You need Twallan's Career Base-Mod correctly matched with your game patch number, found here: Nrass Career Mod

2. I made this career with patch 1.50. Testing shows that it does not seem to matter if you have a lesser or higher patch than I had when I made the career. The Base-Mod just has to be matched to your EA update/patch number.

3. I will only use Base Game rabbit hole classification for my careers. These include Grocery, Restaurant (Bistro), School, Bookstore, Theatre, City Hall, Mausoleum, and Hideout rabbit holes.

4. You need the EA rabbit hole lot OR a custom lot with a Rabbit Hole Rug/Door already placed in your town before putting the career in your mod-package folder or it will not show up. Find the rugs/doors here: Rabbit Hole Replacement Project

5. I have not assigned a career outfit. The game randomly assigns one; you can choose to assign a second outfit in game, or you can choose to use Shimrod's No Career Outfits Mod

Additional Credits:
Tutorials/files used:
Complete Guide to Career Modding for Beginners! by Creon by Twallan MTS Q&A page for Creon's Tutorial missyhissy's Banking Career as a guide/template
-advice by ThomasRiordan

Rabbit Hole: Grocery
Environments: Fantasy, Medieval
Opportunities: None
Work Tones: Standard
Skill Tones: None
Skills Needed: Cooking, Handiness, Athletic
Descriptions and Wages *CHEEKY INNUENDO ALERT*