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Claire Paine

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Uploaded: 23rd Aug 2013 at 6:28 AM
Claire was originally created for a zombie story on tumblr. However, I loved her face so much that I wanted to share her.

Claire grew up on a rural farm, with cows for her closest neighbors and is now away from home for the first time as a freshman in university. She's more comfortable around animals than people, but she wouldn't consider herself shy. It just takes a little time for her to warm up to people, that's all. Claire loves the color pink and wears her cowboy boots with most everything. She's a girly-girl but she knows how to shoot a gun and gut a fish for dinner. Her dream in life is to finish university with high enough grades to be accepted to a veterinary post-grad program and, eventually, open her own practice back home specializing in large animal medicine for the local farms. She's sweet and would do anything for her friends and family. Claire has been known to loan money to friends, knowing that they'd likely never be able to pay it back. Though she may be a "nice girl", she's also determined and isn't likely to let anyone take advantage of her good nature.

Claire was sculpted without the use of extra sliders or a slider multiple.

CC Used:
Skin: teru_k WEAK-Freckle (non-default)*
Eyes: BrntWaffles Ephemera MS93 Edit (non default, contacts)**
Eyebrows: Ephemera Eyebrow Collection
Blush: Shyne Cheek Pores

Everyday Top: Lorandia Open Button Up
Formal Dress: Anubis Champion Glory
Swimwear: Juliana Sophie Bikini
Outerwear: NYGirl Peacoat (not pictured)

Custom Content Included:
Racer Back Tank Top by IN3S***
Dry Lips by IN3S***

The rest of her clothes and all of her hair are from various EPs. Pets is most important for the boots! Her hair for most outfits is from Island Paradise.

* Claire is packaged with default skin. The freckle skin has a lighter range than the default so she will look too red/pink before you apply the right one.
** If you use the defaults of those eyes, the colors are matched so you don't need the contacts. Only needed if you use a different eye default.
*** IN3S deleted her site and her items are no longer available.

Additional Credits:
Thanks especially to awwnooboo for requesting sims for her story. Otherwise, Claire would have never been created.