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Tights with lace

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Uploaded: 1st Sep 2013 at 11:00 PM
Updated: 5th Sep 2013 at 4:51 AM - Added reference to the tights as bottoms

Tights with lace!

I'm sort of kind of hunting for many hats, and to get that achievement, I needed to make something for CAS. So here you go, Laced tights for the simmy ladies!

They come as everyday, formal, sleepwear, sportswear, and outer wear, and can be found under accessories (right where socks are). Enabled for Teens, Young adults, and Adults.

The tights have two recolourable channels. Default colors are light gray with white lace. There is only one preset.

Additional Credits:
http://www.cgtextures.com/index.php for the lace texture
TSRW, S3PE for being the package editors used
Photoshop for texture editing
Dal, for help
Buzz, for bearing with me blabbering and whining.