Moar Barn Walls! EA wall fixed + 10 new walls!

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Uploaded: 17th Nov 2012 at 3:37 PM

I was not sure how to show best what I've done, so I made you a little story to demonstrate it, as seen above.

My dear friend Qbie has been making an awesome house, and I have been looking at his pics in awe. But seeing them also made me cranky about how EA neglected those one tile wide walls. The barn walls are my absolute favorite walls to use, so I wanted to fix this issue. And knowing me, I could not leave it to just one wall, could I? :D

So I present you 10 new walls that match EA's (so well they hurt brains!). You can mix and match them all you want.

I also made a tiny mod to fix tiling on one of the EA's barn walls. I can't believe I never saw how borky it was - I use them walls all the time! But missroxor did poke me about the issue when I showed her the walls I was making, and the mod was born.

So here is the 'Barn wall with pilaster - left side' with correct 1/3 tiling instead of the 2/2 it had.

The mod changes resource 'CWAL 0x515CA4CD-0x00000000-0x76E34316615FD039' of the 'Wall_ structured_BarnPilaster_left' and will conflict with any mod that changes that resource.

Everything is for Base game. Please enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Qbie for 'bringing out' the issue with one tile walls again.
missroxor for poking me about the wall borkiness.
Creators of the tools I used.
There are my terrain paints on the pictures, are not in any way included to the download though.