Ancient paints. Five wall hangings from the Aztec and Mayan culture

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Uploaded: 3rd Nov 2013 at 12:56 AM
Hello MTS members. I have finished five wall hangings for you. They are cloned from the "modern" painting and all of

them are re-CAStable with four channels.

The wall hangings are found in the "Decor -> Wall Hangings" section of the catalog, are 350 simoleons each, have an

environment score of 5 and they are basegame compatible.

The wall hangings are an inspiration of the Mayan an Aztec ancient cultures. Two wall hangings represents the

calendars of each culture a third one represent Tonatiuh the sun god of the Aztecs and the last two represents images

from aztec and mayan codex.

Attached screenshots include the five wall hangings in different coloration examples, in-game shots and the RGB mask

channels. (the alpha/fourth channel is displayed as white color )

They were created with patch 1.57

Any comments would be highly appreciated.

Polygon Counts:
High LOD: 156 faces

Low LOD: 88 faces

Additional Credits:
MTS, TSR Workshop, S3PE, S3OC, TextureTweaker