Piercings. 11 items set. Semi layerable

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Uploaded: 15th Aug 2011 at 5:13 PM
Updated: 14th Aug 2011 at 7:38 PM
Good day MTS members.

Im reviewing and remaking my old stuff for you. Im checking if my old items can be improved. This is my first 11 item set.

They are nine new piercings that can be worn in left and right ears ( semi-layerable) and two more updated that can be worn one at a time (not layerable)

The ones that can be worn in left and right ears are:

a) Five piercings that were remeshed from zero based on these ones:


Plug------------Plug (Remeshed)
Hook-----------Hookspi (The hook has a spiral now)
claw------------Crescent (Remeshed ,renamed )
Fish hook------Fishhook (Remeshed)

b) Four brand new piercings

Twist: A crescent with a twister form.
Spiral: A piercing with an "e" form
Ear ladder: A ladder made of eight rings for the ear.
Bold-hoop: Small hoop earrings for left or right ear.

The last two piercings can only be worn one at a time and are updated versions of old ones.

Huge plug: updated the weightbones so it can facial morph correctly.
Huge tunnel:updated the weightbones so it can facial morph correctly.

Here they are some angles of the piercings. They can be worn by male and female sims and from teen to elder age groups.

In the screenshots at the bottom of the post you can check the different recolors of the piercings. Each color is a recolorable channel with exception of the diamonds in the

huge plug, huge tunnel and bold-hoop and also the hole in the plug piercing in the third recolor.


These are .package files so you need to put them in your mod folders. If you have trouble please check the install instruction at the bottom of the post.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Polygon Counts:
x1 means this item is a left/right earring and need to sum the polys/vertex if you put an item on the other ear.
x2 means this item is earrings and you can only worn one at a time

I preserve the original EA mesh for the low detail with 14 polys and 19 vertex.


x1 Spiral------------496-----250-------124-----164
x1 Twist------------304------154-------76------40
x1 Crescent--------304------154-------76------40
x1 Hookspi---------496------250-------124-----164
x1 Fishhook--------336------170-------84------44
x1 Taper-----------208------106-------52------28
x1 Plug-------------72--------82--------72------82
x1 Ladder-----------640-----320-------392-----228
x1 Bold-hoop-------188------210-------122-----144

x2 Huge plug------716------762-------716-----762
x2 Huge tunnel----1141----1096-------1141---1096

Additional Credits:
TSR Workshop. MTS for the members that suggest improvements on the old items.