Paint It Black - Now 4 Canvas Colors for your Easels

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Hi all!
How are you today?

Paint It Black - Now 4 Canvas Colors for your Easels

So what's this?
It's a Game Mod. The blank canvas on the easel is usually white, with this it's black (or another color). So you don't paint it black*, you paint on black (or another color).

4 different colors for the default Canvas!
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Sienna

It is a Default Replacement - use only one of them at once!

There's plenty of sets you can use it with:
- The Maxis default paintings
- One of my sets of default replacements (Victor or My Pirates)
- The set of Famous Paintings as replacements by kopple36
- One of Shoukeir's sets here and here
- One of DOEreoh's sets here and here, or
- Saramkirk's set.

If you want your Canvas back to the Maxis color, just delete the Mod.

If you make your own set, there's a tutorial on Saramkirk's post to teach you how to make defaults. And I wrote a tutorial teaching how to make a Custom non-default easel with your own 12 paintings in it - so your sim can paint any defaults AND your own non-defaults!

There's pictures in the bin, you can see all 4 colors of Canvas - use only 1 at once in your game! Pick your favourite!

It is a Global Mod, it affects all of your game. If, for example, you go with Sienna, all your sims across your whole neighborhood will paint all their paintings on a Sienna canvas.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the person who wrote the incomplete tutorial on Default Replacements on Wiki, it is still quite helpful! :P

Credits for the pictures:
Sims by me (Alice Cooper, Ingrid, Black Beard and Robin senior);
Hair by Portakal, me, Sizz and Nouk;
Clothes by Fanseelamb, All About Style, Jenfold and SussisSoGoodSims2;
Easel recolors and Easel defaults (paintings on the picture) by me.

*The title 'Paint It Black' is a reference to a song I like, by the Rolling Stones.

Type: Global Mods Defaults

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