The Rest of Fallingwater -- recolors for the non-repositoried doors and window

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Uploaded: 20th Jan 2014 at 6:17 AM
Celebkiriedhel found out that I had always longed for the marvelous Fallingwater Build set to be made repository, and she did was able to include all but one of the windows in the set. Then she recolored the repository set twenty-nine times in colors from Amythestfenix's Linen Solids Set (the codes for the whole set can be found at Sims2Artists ).

I thought that before I embark on my own projects with this wonderful set, I should offer up the rest of the set to match the repository windows, so here they are.

You could use these without those, but why would you? They are here

The original Fallingwater set, which also includes fences and stairs and a lot of furniture, can be found here

Additional Credits:
Stonetower for the meshes
Celebkiriedhel for making the other windows repository
and for converting Amythesfenix's colors to code
Amythestfenix for the colors

walls, floors and Fallingwater fence recolors visible in photos are by me