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Fallingwater Collection

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Uploaded: 31st Aug 2007 at 9:29 AM
Updated: 8th Jan 2014 at 1:20 PM
Hello everyone.

This is one story about recreating "Fallingwater".
I recieved the MusicalMaven's request message about two month ago.

She wanted me to make some windows and I thought it was not enough to recreate "Fallingwater".

So I decide to make more items for that project.

And now, I give you "Fallingwater collection".

Post#1. windows & doors
Post#2. fences & stairs
Post#5. sofas & livingchairs
Post#7. bookshelves & fireplace
Post#8. decorations

Part 1. windows

Here are many windows and they are well matched with each other.
Each window has two frame recolours, white and black.

I didn't make diagonal mesh for seamless windows because of some reason but other windows have diagonal mesh.

Full length window #1.

Seamless window #2.

My seamless windows are needed a little caution for the perfect seamless effect.
If you install my seamless window properly, you can see the correct frame line in the corner.

part 2. doors

Here are two matching doors with my windows.
Each door has diagonal mesh and two recolours, white and black.

Polygon Counts:
Full length window #1 = 302+240
Full length window #2 = 366+366
Full length window #3 = 1184+1184
Plate glass window = 748+748
seamless window #1 = left 148+148
middle 100+100
right 148+148
seamless window #2 = left 232+232
middle 184+184
right 232+232
seamless window #3 = left 232+232
middle 184+184
right 232+232
seamless window #4 = left 316+316
middle 268+268
right 316+316
seamless window #5 = left 274+274
middle 226+226
right 274+274
door #1 = 836+780+2
door #2 = 1404+762+2

version : Original (except fences)

You can find "Fallingwater" photos here.

We can't get MusicalMaven's recreation yet because of her privacy.

About my policy
You may recolour my items without my permission.
You may clone my fences and modular stairs for more recolours.
It would be always welcome!
I just want you to credit my meshes and post a link to this thread.

You may include my items in your lot except modular stairs.
Because stairs need some installations, as you know.

Please don't redistribute my items.

MusicalMaven : suggesting good project, "Fallingwater"
Numenor : wonderful tutorials and fireplace templete
HystericalParoxysm : suggesting recolours of fences and modular stairs
NoRealLife2 : suggesting recolour, "tan"-> Latte Stucco
Quaxi & R Giles : SimPE program.

-Used programs

Milkshape 3D
3Ds max 7
UVmapper Classic

Here is good news!
Now, we can get MusicalMaven's "Fallingwater".
Please follow this link.
I really appreciate so much thanks and comments. :lovestruc