Step Up - Poses for stairs

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Step Up

8 poses for when you need to put your sims on some stairs.

Okay, so this is part 2 of my WIP "Spring Cleaning". Back when I was making my "Nathan Fillion" sim-lebrity, I made a bunch of poses based on reference pictures of him. (He's quite the character, so there was a lot of inspiration there!) Poses #1-3 were made to go with that set, but I never published it. And now that I think about it, I'm not even sure that I used any of the stair poses for his photos! Haha Anyway, I decided to split out the stair poses and make a entire set based on them. I don't know why, but I have a thing for 8, so there you go...

Anyone besides me remember the Captain Morgan Rum commercials? (Got a little Captain in ya?)... That is what this pose always reminds me of if you leave out the stairs...

Pose Names
  • a_k2_stepup_01 : Standing with one foot on the bottom stair.
  • a_k2_stepup_02 : Sitting on second stair with hands clasped.
  • a_k2_stepup_03 : Sitting with back to wall/railing.
  • a_k2_stepup_04 : Sitting on second stair with head in one hand.
  • a_k2_stepup_05 : Sitting on bottom stair with arms on knees.
  • a_k2_stepup_06 : Sitting on second stair with hands on knees.
  • a_k2_stepup_07 : Sitting on second stair with head in one hand and one leg tucked under.
  • a_k2_stepup_08 : Leaning against wall/rail with head in one hand.

  • The poses are more-or-less geared for the gender of sim shown, but they may work for the opposite gender as well. Pose #3 was originally designed for a male, so that one should work.
  • The poses are geared to sit on the bottom 3 stairs (as shown), but you can raise them up using Granthes's "One More Slot Please!" (OMSP) as I did for the covershot.
  • The stairs shown are from ITF, but any stairs should work.

Credits for CC Used

The following items were used on the models and/or in the staging of the photographs. None of it required for the poses.

Additional Credits: