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No More Stupid Memories!

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Uploaded 19th Apr 2014 at 3:49 PM · Updated 5th May 2016 at 5:14 PM by DiLight

No 'Lost (Sim) as a Best Friend' Memory (not yet in all-in-one package)

No '(Sim) Broke up' Memory
No '(Sim) Joined the Family' Memory
Updated the all-in-one version.

Added the all-in-one version: No More Stupid
Added by Request(s):
No 'Met Sim' Memory
No 'Made a BFF' Memory
No 'Burned Food' Memory
No 'Lost/Won a Fight' Memories
No 'Vermin!' Memory
No 'Bladder Failure/at a Party' Memories
No 'Passed Out' Memory
No 'Had Very First Woohoo' Memory
No '(Sim) Made Dean's List' Memory

Thanks guys!

There are some things in the game I don't like.
One of those things - the system of memories. I find a lot of them quite useless.
That's why I've made this mod which prevents such memories from creating.

There are groups of memories (such as Discovered [Hobby Lot]) put together in one package and single memories (such as Learned How to Make [Food]) in Files section.

I've decided to add the whole line of "counting memories" (Had # Best Friends, Had # Loves At Once, Had # Pet Best Friends, Made # BFFs) because the idea seems silly to me. "Wow I'm so cool I have over 9000 friends!" This won't affect Lifetime Wants - tested.

'Met Pet' and 'Saw First Snow' are also included.

Choose the memories you don't want in your game and put the files in your Downloads folder.

This mod won't affect existing memories! It just stops the creation of new ones!

You're still able to add these memories via SimPE.

I take requests for other memories - PM me or comment here, and I'll help

P.S.: There's BO's project on LeeFish ( I didn't steal the creation. I've made it easier to handle (you don't need to use SimPE) and some of the memories there are not configurable (e.g. 'Met Sim' memories).

Additional Credits:
BO for giving me the idea here:

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