[UPDATED] Tattered Diary (Custom Memories)

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Uploaded: 14th Jun 2014 at 9:29 PM
Updated: 4th May 2017 at 5:09 AM
//currently working on the list of all the memories, it's unfinished yet

Finally! Finally I've made it!
It was a lot of research and hard work, headache, blind eyes, hungry days and sleepless nights aaaand...
I introduce to you the mod I've always wanted myself. It was the reason I started modding at all! Whoa I'm so happy!
It would be impossible without these MTS creators: Echo, Phaenoh, Michelle, Sophie-David! Thank you!

This mod consists of an object (Tattered Diary) and a bunch of custom memories I've created.
It gives your Sims the opportunity to remember not only roaches or skunks, but the first day at school, for example
Let me show you how it works!

This is the diary in-game. This beautiful object was extracted from BV, cloned and recolored for me by Michelle. Спасибо!
You can find it under Misc/Misc, it costs 0$.

Pie Menus depend on age, e.g. "Went to School" option is children only.
I've put them into directories by Category: Family, Relationship, Education etc.

This mod is Base Game compatible, and you're able to add the memory "Joined Secret Society" even if you don't have University EP.

Instructions on updating
If you already have Tattered Diary in your Downloads Folder, delete it completely, with all the memories, then put there version 2.1.
For you convenience the folder, the package file and the diary in-game was renamed to v2.1!

If you've made some memories following my tutorial and find it difficult to link them to Memory Manager, PM me or post in the tutorial thread, I'll help. Do not update in that case!

If this mod is new for you, please read the following information really carefully! Ask if you have any questions.

There's no easy way of uninstalling this mod without potential neighborhood corruption. As long as all the files are in your Downloads folder, it's safe to play, but if you decide to uninstall this mod, you should delete all the memories generated with it in SimPE, then clear out all the gossip using BatBox. There's no proof that uninstalling the usual way will hurt your game, but there's no proof that it's safe either.
Please back-up your data and use at your own risk! Thanks for understanding!

There is an issue with my Memory Manager which might affect Tattered Diary as well. Please do not put it into your Sim's inventory. Gummilutt seems to have troubles. I couldn't recreate the issue, and other people report no problems too, but still, use with caution.

Tutorial on making your own custom memories.

I work on more memories, if you have any creative ideas, feel free to comment or PM me and make requests here!

And please guys subscribe and wait for updates!
I will be improving the mod and updating it a bazillion times.
Make sure you got the last version!

Keep in touch,

Additional Credits:
Oh, I'd like to thank everyone!
First, EA Games and Maxis for the game I've always loved and always will be loving!
Second, all the SimPE crew. You guys are really awesome!
Third, ModTheSims staff and especially maybesomethingdunno for your kind words!
I should mention Echo and Phaenoh for their wonderful tutorials on BHAVs!
Fourth, Michelle for the incredible object I'm honored to mod!
Fifth, Sophie-David for explanations on how do memories work and testing! Thank you! I appreciate your help!
And the last, but not the least - you guys downloading and playing with my creations! Your comments make me really happy, I enjoy reading them and helping you! Thank you all!