IKEA Dining Tables

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I was bullied, bullied I tell ya, into making this from the fishies over at leefish. It started with the Head Fish telling me to make the LACk dining table, then the Demon Sheep started in on the square Hemnes table, after that, I figured I better add the round Hemnes to keep from being swallowed whole.

The decal is shown in one picture, however it is a sucky test recolor and is not included.

NameCatalog LocationPricePolys
Hemnes RoundTables / Dining17515241 Subset
  1. Slaved to Hemnes round end table
Hemnes SquareTables / Dining1253681 Subset
  1. Slaved to Hemnes square end table
LACKTables / Dining751362 Subsets
  1. Slaved to LACK end table,
  2. Decal. This must be recolored by recoloring my table. Default texture is tiny invisible texture.

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fishies at leefish