1952 Mid Century Modern: The Belville

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The following items are not included in the download:
- Metro Windows Master Mesh Tiggy-27 @MTS

Extra Credits
- RC Jia Curtains by OM @Avalon > Recolors/Decor pg 4 "Africa Set"
- Teal Bliss bedding by flipchick74 @MTS
- Retro Peony Bedding Retro Peony Bedding by flipchick74 @MTS
- RC Free Time Office Desk & Chair by whitewaterwood @MTS
- RC Earthenware Trio by alt-sparkles @MTS
- RC Karlstad Sofa & Armchairs by Klaartje @MTS

This 1952 Mid Century Modern has 3 bedrooms, a large bath, a large eat-in kitchen, a shared living-dining area, and outdoor living galore! The only real changes I made was to replace the bedroom closets with one near the entrance and add a "garden wall" to the dining area. Oh, and I fenced the whole thing in. I would have liked to add another bathroom, but I couldn't see how to do it without destroying the home's perfect footprint.

I tried adding an attached carport, and it looked good, but it meant Sims at the dining table would be looking out the windows at a driveway. That's when I got the idea for a private garden. It's lovely at night, and of course Sims love the jacuzzi.

In the real world, in 1952, the television would be in the living room where it could be shown off to visitors as soon as they entered; TV sales reached 4.4 million in 1950 and owners loved showing them off. But by the time I started building this lot (it was one of the last ones I built) I was a little tired of decorating around something I was just going to get rid of as soon as my Sim moved in, and I wanted to show off the beautiful color and texture by Klaartje, of the Karlstad Sofa and chairs, which is perfect for this era.

Also in the real world, the wall to the right of the clerestory windows would extend to the ceiling, but because of the shed roof's limits, I couldn't make that happen. I added an edger to make it look it more finished, but it still feels a little awkward. I tried putting plants on it, but I'm opposed to that in any world - how do you get up there to water them? Plastic plants? You still have to get up there to dust them.

It's a little more house than I'm used to playing, but I enjoyed playing it. I hope you do too.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: §96,917

Custom Content Included:
- 4esf bedroom10 plant (planter) > Downloads > Objects > Bedroom > "Bedroom 10" by 4Ever SimFantasy
- 4ESF 11 Dots Laurana matching Door > Downloads > Objects > Bedroom > "Bedroom 13" by 4Ever SimFantasy
- 4ESF Dining10 Plant > Downloads > Objects > Dining > "Dining 10" by 4Ever SimFantasy
- Set Streifen 2 Wallpaper (kitchen) > DL-Archiv > Buildmode/Walls & Floors > pg 25 by anne @All4Sims
- Jia Curtain Bar > New Mesh Sets > Miscellaneous > pg 4 by OM @Avalon
- Jia Curtain (L) by OM by OM @Avalon
- Jia Curtain (R) by OM by OM @Avalon
- Modern Fence Low(White) > Downloads > Retired Designers > Retired Sims 2 Creators > Lirunchik-Sims 2 > pg 1 "Modern Fences Set" by lirunchik @Black Pearl Sims
- Roller Blinds "Sunlight" > Downloads > alle Kategorien/Sims 2 New Meshes > alle Themen/Curtains > pg 4 by Andu @Blacky's Sims Zoo
- RC Roller Blinds "Sunlight" 02 > Downloads > alle Kategorien/Sims 2 Mesh-Recolors > alle Themen/Curtains > "Rollos Rec-2" pg 19 by Manuella10669 @Blacky's Sims Zoo
- RC Roller Blinds "Sunlight" 03 > Downloads > alle Kategorien/Sims 2 Mesh-Recolors > alle Themen/Curtains > "Rollos Rec-2" pg 19 by Manuella10669 @Blacky's Sims Zoo
- Philodendron gross > Downloads > alle Kategorien/Sims 2 New Meshes > alle Themen/Plants > pg 1 by speedymaus22 @Blacky's Sims Zoo
- Fliese Malinaklein 4 (kitchen floor) > Downloads > alle Kategorien/Sims 2 Build > alle Themen/Floor-Tile > pg 1 by thunderwitch @blacky's zoo
- Clearstory 3-Tier Window > TS2 downloads > "Clearstory Windows from TS3 Lucky Palms" by immlegacy @Tumblr
- SF Club Armchair > Downloads > pg 2 "Waiting for the sun" by m0xxa @Blown Away
- 3-Tile Credenza > Retro Pak > pg 2 by Xiomara for Neighborhood99
- Marla Chair > Urban/"Marla Living Set" by AnYe @Pinkbox Design
- "Luma" Low Fence > pg 4 by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- "Ottomano" Bed > pg 8 by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- Painting 11 (guest room) > Paintings & Rugs/pg 1 by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- RC Painting 11-Sabina Palmer 01 by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- RC Painting 11-Sabina Palmer 02 by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- Square Painting > Paintings & Rugs/pg 3 by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- RC Square Painting 05 by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- Jope Bedroom12 Table Lamp > Objects > Objects With Our Meshes > Bedroom/pg 12 by Jope @Simply Styling
- Back To Retro Stereo > Download List/"Pyszny16's Back To Retro 3t2" by Veranka
- Ailias Modern Pediment (living room) by Ailias @MTS
- Edge Smoother Black (planter) by Ailias @MTS
- Stockade Fence 8 by Cooldadx4 @MTS
- Stockade Gate 8 by Cooldadx4 @MTS
- Value Wall Cabinet by CTNutmegger @MTS
- Asphalt Roof 2 by Frillen @MTS
- The Embrasure by Ergo Mid by HugeLunatic @MTS
- The Embasure by Ergo Short by HugeLunatic @MTS
- AquaPlus Shower Stall by HugeLunatic @MTS
- Small Shrubby Shrub by HystericalParoxysm @MTS
- Basic Paint-Blue Aqua (bath) by HystericalParoxysm @MTS
- Basic Paint-Blue Teal (living) by HystericalParoxysm @MTS
- Basic Paint-Green Medium (guest room) by HystericalParoxysm @MTS
- Basic Paint-Pink Medium (master bed) by HystericalParoxysm @MTS
- Sugizo Kitchen Display Cupboard by Sugizo @MTS
- Arisaema (planter) by macarossi @MTS
- Urban Reflections Modern Door by macarossi @MTS
- Maxis Match Plate Glass Door by moune999
- Torrox Double Archway by moune999 @MTS
- Manhattan Wall Mirror by sailfindragon @MTS
- Manhattan Bathroom Sideboard 1 by sailfindragon @MTS
- Manhattan Bathroom Sideboard 2 by sailfindragon
- Manhattan Sink by sailfindragon @MTS
- Manhattan Wall Lamp by sailfindragon @MTS
- 2-Tier Atomic Table Lamp by shannanisims @MTS
- Modern Coffee Table 1x1 by shannanisims @MTS
- RC SimStar Retro Stove by shannanisims @MTS
- SimStar Retro Stove by shannanisims @MTS
- SimStar Retro Refrigerator by shannanisims @MTS
- RC Cowboy's Caboose Chair-lightblue by ta539 @MTS
- Cowboy's Caboose Chair by ta539 @MTS
- Metro Window by Tiggy027 @MTS
- Metro Window by Tiggy027 @MTS
- Metro Window by Tiggy027 @MTS
- Metro Window by Tiggy027 @MTS

Additional Credits:
Thank you to the researchers and editors at Mid Century Home Style for their dedication to preserving the record of mid century architecture. Their house plans and photo galleries of interior design are greatly inspiring. You can view this plan here: http://www.midcenturyhomestyle.com/...ps-belville.htm