1948 Mid Century Modern: It's A Wonderful Life

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The following items are not included in the download:
- 1948 Tucker Torpedo by Fresh-Prince @MTS
- RC Invisible Driveway & Extensions by roddyaleixo @MTS
- Saarinen Dining Table (kitchen) by ta539 @MTS

Extra Credits
- Torrox Border Brown (chimney & planter) by Moune999 @MTS
- RC Invisible Magisplay by pfish @MTS
- RC Maxis Value Counter-Red by ShannaniSims @MTS
- RC Maxis Value Countertop-Pink by shannanisims @MTS
- RC Vanity Table by Michelle @MTS
- RC Dining Table by Michelle @MTS
- RC Hemnes Bedside Table by HugeLunatic @MTS
- Tanned Slate Roof by Elite Sim Builders @Sims2 Graveyard > "White Trims"
- RC Bath Towels Speedymaus22 @Blacky's Sims Zoo > Downloads > alleKategorien/Sims 2-Recolors Maxis/"Go" > alle Themen/Bathroom/"Go" > pg 5

It's 1948. The population is booming! Technology is exploding! It's the year of popcorn, frozen food, and cake mix in a box; Velcro, transistor radios, and 33 1/3 RPM LPs. Scrabble is the newest sensation, played on thousands of dining tables across America, and a record one million households own a television - just in time for the debut of Allen Funt's "Candid Camera!" Ah, 1948. It's a wonderful life.

This is the first in a series of Mid Century Modern homes I built for TS2. It's a 2BD/1BA home with a living room, dining room, kitchen, and garage. A pool and patio take up most of the backyard.

The layout is somewhat traditional, with closed-off rooms, each designed for a specific function. What makes it unusual for the 1940s is the low-pitched roof, which I couldn't do justice to with Maxis tools.

As with all my mid century homes, I followed the plans as closely as possible, modifying it where necessary for use in game. For instance, I removed the half wall on the living side of the dining room because it impeded traffic flow. If you decide you want to put the wall back in, I recommend the Maxis "Nocturnal Rumors Half Wall in Wink."

Getting rid of the utility room allowed me to expand the dining room and kitchen. Large eat-in kitchens were prized in mid century homes and I wanted to include one here. I also got rid of the bedroom closets so I could make the bathroom large enough to accommodate pets needing a bath.

The biggest difference between the original plan and this house is in how the house and garage line up. Because of the length of Maxis driveway pieces, the design is off by three tiles. I could have pushed the house back so everything lined up, but that put it too far from the road and used up too much of the back yard for my taste. It's a big difference, but I think I was able to make it work. And the extra driveway extension doesn't mess anything up; cars can be driven into the garage.

None of the MCM homes I made for this series are what would be considered mainstream, suburban America. I imagine they would be better suited to a California/LA lifestyle, and I decorated with that in mind. For this house, I gave it a slightly 1920s Hollywood feel, with a splash of Atomic Age and light traditional touches.

Wall-to-wall carpeting didn't take off until the mid-50s, so I gave it maple hardwood flooring and warmed it up with rugs and 12x12' carpet squares, which is how carpet was traditionally and popularly sold at that time. The interior colors might be a bit bold and the color scheme non-traditional for 1948, but I think a young Sim couple would find it appealing. I hope you do too.


ps: I should mention one small thing. The Tiny Phonograph by Huge Lunatic doesn't work when placed on the invisible magisplay. Not sure why, but it's no biggie. Just move it to another table. I left it where it was for the picture because it's too sweet not to be prominantly shown off.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: §91,234

Custom Content Included:
- RC Chevron Armchair-17 by m0xxa @Blown Away
- Chevron Armchair (master bed) > Downloads > pg 2 "Waiting for the Sun" by m0xxa @Blown Away
- SF Club Armchair (guest bed) > Downloads > pg 2 "Waiting for the Sun" by m0xxa @Blown Away
- RC SF Club Armchair-15 by m0xxa @Blown Away
- Retro Table Phone by Helena of Pixel Sims @Sims2Graveyard
- Retro Table Phone Handset by Helena of Pixel Sims @Sims2Graveyard
- Pearl Chair (dining) > pg 23 by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- Value Wall Cabinet by CTNutmegger @MTS
- Cheapo Weaved Wood Fence - White by frillen @MTS
- Tiny Phonograph by HugeLunatic @MTS
- Basic Carpeting-pink (master bed) by HystericalParoxysm @MTS
- Medium Shrubby Shrub by HystericalParoxysm @MTS
- Basic Paint-green medium (living) by HystericalParoxysm @MTS
- Basic Paint-yellow medium (guest bed) by HystericalParoxysm @MTS
- Clapboard Siding in Beige by iCad @MTS
- RC Three's Company-Heart Felt by justmoi @MTS
- Three's Company (dining painting) by justmoi @MTS
- Double Hammock by KevinsHope @MTS
- RC Echo 3x4 Rug-04 (Dining) by Kims*Designs @MTS
- RC Echo 3x4 Rug-07 (Living) by Kims*Designs @MTS
- Mauritania Kitchen Window by Leefish @MTS
- Lavatera by macarossi
- Lavatera (planter) by macarossi @MTS
- Lilies (planter) by macarossi @MTS
- Vincas (planter) by macarossi @MTS
- Rattan Garden Chair by -Maylin- @MTS
- Rattan Garden End Table by -Maylin- @MTS
- Rattan Garden Table by -Maylin- @MTS
- Fabric Sensations Doublebed by MissWendy @MTS
- RC Nook Living Curtain-07 by moune999 @MTS
- Nook Living Curtain by moune999 @MTS
- Nook Living Curtain Rod by moune999 @MTS
- Torrox Double Archway by moune999 @MTS
- Candy-Coated Armchair by MsBarrows @MTS
- DreamEasy Loveseat by Mummysim @MTS
- Echo 3x4 Floor Rug by remeshed by Numenor @MTS
- Lustroware Containers by shannanisims @MTS
- RC SimStar Retro Stove-white by shannanisims @MTS
- SimStar Retro Stove by shannanisims @MTS
- SimStar Retro Refrigerator by shannanisims @MTS
- RC SimStar Retro Refrigerator-white by shannanisims @MTS
- Retratech Padded Egg Chair by ta539 @MTS
- RC Retratech Padded Egg Chair-whitered by ta539 @MTS
- Chai Dots Wallpaper (kitchen) by theprincess @MTS
- Metro Window Master Mesh by Tiggy027 @MTS
- RC Metro Window-white by Tiggy027 @MTS
- Aura Commode (master bed dresser) by Ulmille @MTS
- Aura Drawer by Ulmille @MTS
- Aura Table Left by Ulmille @MTS
- Aura Table by Ulmille @MTS
- TresVisions Retro-awesome Front Door by zookini @MTS
- RC TresVisions Front Door by zookini @MTS
- The Retrospective Window Set - Five Pane Split by zookini @MTS
- Time Factor Wallpaper 03-0 by pixelhate @MTS
- Time Factor Wallpaper 11-0 by pixelhate @MTS
- UpRite Column Corner Version by HugeLunatic @MTS

Additional Credits:
Thank you to the researchers and editors at Mid Century Home Style for their dedication to preserving the record of mid century architecture. Their house plans and photo galleries of interior design are greatly inspiring. You can view this plan here: http://www.midcenturyhomestyle.com/...48hbps-1075.htm