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Coffee Gives More Energy

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Uploaded: 17th Sep 2014 at 8:55 PM
Updated: 21st Jun 2016 at 8:05 PM

It is time for me to say 'adieu' and retire from modding TS4. The decision is a purely personal one. Thank-you to those who supported me during my run. I've been at it since this game first released, and I really appreciated the kind words that kept me going now and again. If anyone wishes to take up any of my mods, feel free. I have gathered a retirement archive for your convenience. Happy simming! ~MB }i{


Updated for patch 2-June-2016!

For catalina_45's Espresso_machine give more energy mod (Get Together EP), a supplement to this mod, go here: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=569384

Pancake Bob enjoys his caffeinated coffee in peace.

This mod is a very basic mod. It only took me ten days of stalking our top modders. I was like a window-peeping pervert! Simply put, this mod increases the energy given by drinking coffee. It comes in two flavors - Strong Caffeine or Medium Caffeine.

As a bonus, I have included caffeine for tea as well.

TEA UPDATE! - Tea Gives Accurate Energy

Thanks to Brainbox, we now have two new flavors for tea! More accurate energy for tea comes in two flavors, Regular and Stronger. If you use one of these new flavors, be sure to remove your previous tea mod.

TEA UPDATE! Number Two - Sleepy Time Chamomile

You may use one of these two flavors with your Accurate Tea mod ONLY. Sleepy Time Chamomile will conflict with the original tea mod (Tea Gives More Energy).

Regular reduces energy by -35.
Stronger reduces energy by -55.

The file modded is: S4_B61DE6B4_00000000_00000000000020FD

How to Install (Important!)

Unzip the file and place in your Mod folder! Install only one flavor. Choose one coffee flavor and one tea flavor. (Sleepy Time Chamomile may be used in addition to an Accurate Tea flavor.)

Made with TS4 XML Extractor by Velocitygrass and S4PE by Kuree.

Additional Credits:
Many thank-you’s to those I silently stalked: Plasticbox, Shimrod101, Velocitygrass and Zerbu.

You didn’t call the cops on me or anything!