Drink give energy Espresso and Coffee

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Uploaded 25th Dec 2015 at 5:40 PM · Updated 27th Mar 2021 at 6:51 PM by catalina_45 : info mod

Both mods updated for patch 1.72

I updated 2 of my mods for patch 1.70
The original changes are maintained in this update

-Espresso machine give more energy
-All 3 flavor of Coffee Give More Energy

1. Espresso machine give more energy
What I changed:
motive bladder from -20 to -10
motive hunger from 15 to 55
motive energy from 10 to 100

It works for both, single and double espresso machine.

It works at home or at bar.
Tested in my game for all recipe of coffee.
(sorry for my English)

List of files modified:

The original version of those mods was by MadameButterfly, who has retired from modding.

She wrote: It is time for me to say 'adieu' and retire from modding TS4. The decision is a purely personal one. Thank-you to those who supported me during my run. I've been at it since this game first released, and I really appreciated the kind words that kept me going now and again. If anyone wishes to take up any of my mods, feel free.
Happy simming! ~MB

2. Coffee Give More Energy
Use only one flavor

Light Caffeine
Generic Coffe from 15 to 35

Medium Caffeine
Generic Coffee from 10 to 55

Strong Caffeine
Generic Coffee from 10 to 115

For all coffee flavor I changed
Motive Bladder from -20 to -10
Motive Hungry from 15 to 45

Unzip the archive and place the file in your mods folder as usual.

Additional Credits:
Credit to Sims4 Studio

Type: Other

Tags: #coffee, #espresso, #energy