Babies For Everyone!

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Uploaded: 18th Sep 2014 at 2:59 AM
Updated: 18th Sep 2014 at 5:06 AM
Thanks to advanced alien technologies, such as The Artificial Womb, Direct Gamete Manipulation, and The Turkey Baster, your (young adult and above) Sims can now enjoy impregnating or being impregnated by whoever they want!

I disabled the gender check for Try for Baby, extended the age range and enabled male pregnancy.

  • Lesbian pregnancy
  • Gay pregnancy
  • Elder pregnancy
  • Male pregnancy
  • Equal opportunity mischief (Ask Due Date)
  • Reverse pregnancy

  1. Unzip package file to Mods
  2. Add the following line to Resource.cfg using Notepad or equivalent
    DirectoryFiles unpackedmod autoupdate
  3. Create an empty folder called unpackedmod
The last two steps only need to be done once per Sims 4 install (until they fix it), and is necessary for all XML tuning mods to function. See this thread for technical details.

  • As of the 9/9/14 patch, this and any other XML tuning mod will require some setup in your Mods folder in order to work.
  • This mod currently does not allow you to chose who gets pregnant - one, both or neither Sim may get pregnant after trying.
    This includes straight couples! Yes, you can be impregnated by your wife.
    To compensate, the male Sim pregnancy chance is a quarter that of normal - so usually pregnancy in straight couples works as normally. Hopefully.
  • This mod probably conflicts with any mod that changes Try For Baby, the associated whims and the Ask Due Date mischief interaction.
  • Male Sims cannot get pregnancy tests or breastfeed, but everything else seems to work fine! Bob's Baby Bump Bashfully Bounces!
  • The moodlet still refers to the pregnant parent as "she" and "mother". Unfortunately this is defined in the STBL, and as such editing this would conflict with any other mod that edits strings in the STBL (until we can figure out how to do partial replacements).
  • I am not responsible if Grim gets pregnant and his child annihilates the neighborhood, or something else bad happens. That being said, I will try my best to help you with any issues with this mod (as long as you read the instructions first).

Additional Credits:
velocitygrass' XML Exporter, S4PE, and the MTS forums (especially the thread about unpackedmod) were essential to the creation of this mod. Thanks!