No Friends Needed for Work (Updated, v2)

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Uploaded 19th Oct 2014 at 12:28 AM · Updated 18th Dec 2014 at 9:27 PM by ReubenHood : Update

Update 2014/12/18: I checked all the careers in the December patch and it looks like the game developers have removed the friend/enemy requirements from all of them. So this mod is obsolete, unless they add them back in the future you should no longer need this mod!

If you're like me than playing large legacy families can get to be a pain when it comes to careers and maintaining the necessary relationships for advancement. I made this mod because I found my self avoiding careers that had relationship requirements, and it was getting old having every Sim born in my game get a job as a painter.

This is an XML tuning mod that removes the need for relationships to get that next promotion! No more befriending that 4th townie only to have the game prune one of the other 3 from the world, thus setting you back in your friend count and other equally unfortunate circumstances.

I've made three versions of this Mod, only download 1 version to avoid conflicts. The No Friends and No Enemies packages can be used together or separately, but I already provide a package file that combines both the No Friends and No Enemies into a single file so I would recommend using that one instead of the other two together.

This mod makes changes to the following XML and DATA files and will conflict with any mods that also change these files:

These mods were built using Game Version 1.0.797.20, they should be compatible with all versions.

Updated 2014/10/22, The relationship requirement should no longer display in the UI.

Additional Credits:
S4pe by Kuree
XML Extractor and Sims4Data Editor by Velocitygrass

Type: Other

Tags: #No Friends, #Enemies, #Relationships, #Career, #Promotion, #Job